Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

94% of Americans Suffer from Workplace Stress
Businesses lose up to $300 billion annually due to workplace stress.
63% of all U.S. workers are ready to quit their job due to stress.
56% of employees say stress and anxiety impacts their performance.
90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related ailments or complaints.
76% of workers say stress affects their relationships, 66% say it affects their sleep, and 54% say it affects their home life.

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Reduce Work Stress, Sick Days & Employee Turnover Rates in Just 2 Weeks

Effective Meditation & Mindfulness Solutions for Businesses

Workplace stress prevents your team from focusing on work, being productive or coming up with innovative solutions. It leads to dissatisfaction, disengagement, and disfunction. Unchecked stress leads to costly mistakes, low morale, unhappy and burnt out workers.

When we think of increasing the ROI of a business, we think of investing in everything under the sun, except our employees’ mental well-being. That’s why businesses in the U.S. lose $300 billion annually because of workplace stress.

The right kind of meditation can increase productivity, improve creativity, enhance focus, build job satisfaction and lead to better decision-making. 

A chaotic mind only produces chaos, but a peaceful mind is where insight, wisdom, focus, and clarity come from. Our corporate meditation programs deliver these results every single time. The techniques we teach are simple, easy to implement, scientifically proven, and inclusive of every culture and religious view. Your employees deserve more than an app. They deserve an expert who who has been in their shoes, understands their struggles, and knows the way out.

How a Business Performs is Only as Good as the Minds Who Work There

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After spending 9 years studying meditation, mindfulness and psychology around the world, Todd is now working to bring a peaceful, calm and stress-free mind to an overstressed workforce. 

Companies who have brought in Todd report drastic improvements in focus, productivity, creativity, decision-making, fulfillment and satisfaction in their workers. This led to fewer costly mistakes, less sick days, fewer instances of HR conflict resolution, and reduced employee turnover. Profits went up and problems went down.

As a former Creative Director in advertising and a Comedian in NYC for over a decade, Todd speaks in a humorous, informative, easy to understand, and relatable way. He knows the challenges, he knows his audience, and he knows how to connect with them.


Todd knows what workers and businesses need because he comes from the corporate world and he understands the challenges and stress that come with it.

Appeals to A diverse workforce

Todd has lived all over the world and understands the diversity that make this planet so beautiful. He speaks in a delicate, welcoming way that excludes no group and appreciates the nuances of the times we live in.

Unparalleled Experience

Todd spent 9 years living with shamans, gurus, monks and lamas and meditating in isolation.

He’s since taught thousands of employees meditation and lifeskills for living their best lives possible.

“Easy, simple, powerful tools for stress.”

“My team’s more focused and productive.”

“Stress-free, fear-free decision-making.”

Add Meditation & Mindfulness to Your Workplace Wellness Program