Health And Immunity Revitalization Course

In-person sessions

During COVID, we will be offering this course in the beautiful parks and forests in and around Louisville, KY. Don’t worry about the cold—that’s all part of the process!

Remote sessions

Virtual courses will also be available for those who prefer to boost their health and immunity from home. After all, we want everyone to have access to these amazing benefits.

Health And Immunity Revitalization Course

What Is Health and immunity revitalization course?

Over 10 weekly 1-hour classes, you will discover a special breathing technique that can flood your body with healing oxygen, learn to withstand freezing cold temperatures which can burn fat and reduce inflammation, and develop superhuman discipline and willpower. You will learn to control your immune system, autonomic nervous system, and cardiovascular system at will.

Who should take health and immunity revialization course?

Whether you want to run marathons, boost your immune system for protection against viruses, improve your cardiovascular system, heal or alleviate the symptoms from any number of conditions, have more energy, get better sleep, or you just want to look, feel, and think better, this course is for you.

Why do you need health and immunity revitalization course?

When a society has more doctors, chiropractors, therapists and healers than ever before, but also more illness and pain than at any other time in human history, our society has become innately sick and imbalanced. We have forgotten how to breathe properly, to live harmoniously and naturally. This course reconnects us with nature and our way of being. 

Benefits From Health And Revitalization Course

Stronger Immune System

Scientific evidence has shown that people who practice these methods are more immune to viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Instead of your body going into fever and attacking your own body to fight off infections, you can activate your immune system at will to prevent pathogens from ever taking hold in the first place.

More Energy

Studies show that these methods lead to more restful sleep, more energy, better athletic performance, faster recovery time, better focus, and less time spent wasting on stress and anxiety.

Better Health

Countless people have found relief from the symptoms of asthma, COPD, autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease, arthritis, migraines, Fibromyalgia, and MS. These techniques can also speed up you metabolism, aid digestion and lower blood pressure.

Less Stress, More Joy

You'll learn to control your stress response, diminish depression, regulate your mood, flood your body with endorphins and be able to generate greater levels of happiness.

Discipline and Determination

Learn to master your mind and experience more discipline, willpower and determination than ever before. Every aspect of control in your life starts with being able to control your mind and body.

Concentration and Creativity

Better focus, more insights, longer attention spans and an increase in creativity are all being reported by a huge number of people using these techniques.

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