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How Can I Bring More Positivity in my Life?

Adding More Positivity in Life

more positivity in life

We all notice different things because there are many varying degrees of consciousness. Lower levels of consciousness tend to only see objects. These states of awareness are usually fixated on physical objects and sees even people as objects. The more conscious we become, the more we see non-material things, like relationships, patterns, and connections. We see how all things are connected and affect each other.

In low levels, everything appears separate, isolated, alone, random and chaotic. In high levels, oneness, beauty and meaning emerge. Low levels are states of fear, anger and greed. High levels are love, compassion and gratitude.

In Buddhism, they meditate on interconnectedness—how all things are related. You can do this too by simply thinking of your lunch. Then you can thank whoever made it for you. Then you can thank the farmers, the truck drivers, the drivers’ parents, the store clerks, the sun and the rain and the air, the plants and critters who made the right conditions for these crops, the road pavers and the taxpayers, and on and on and on. Pretty soon you’ll realize that everything we enjoy is only thanks to everything there is.

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