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How Can I Control My Mind?

Controlling Your Mind

calming your mind

They say if a person hears voices, they are mentally impaired and are delusional. Yet we all have a voice in our head. As long as it goes by our own name and we believe it is who we are, we say it’s ok. But the truth is, it is not you. That is the trick of the ego and the delusion we all share.

Even though we don’t act on every impulse we have in our brain, we still give this voice power over us. Even though it is often negative, nonsensical and repetitive, we listen to its opinions and believe them.

The truth is you are life itself. You are the mysteriously magical arising of consciousness; a finite point of awareness in an infinite universe. But our thoughts only have power over us if we remain unaware of how the mind works. Simply by observing our thoughts, rather than just thinking the thoughts, we become free from the whims of our mind. Only by freeing our mind in this way can true freedom ever be experienced.

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