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How Can I Save Myself From Being Taken Advantage of?

Saving Yourself From Being Taken Advantage of

not being taken advantage of

It’s all too easy to become jaded and pessimistic. When we show love and generosity, and for it to not be returned, can encourage us to change. Instead, double down.

Your kind actions have infinite unseen positive consequences. There’s no faster way to find your people than to show everyone your inner light. And, there’s no faster way to reveal those who aren’t your people. It’s a win win. Be kind, be generous, and kind and generous people will be drawn to you.

“Nice” may get taken advantage of. But kind and generous can never be. Kind and generous come from strength and wisdom, not ignorance. Kind is about what’s doing best for others (whether they realize it at the time or not), and for yourself. It’s free and it’s limitless, so give it away wherever you go and see the world around you change for the better.

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