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How can I Step Back and See the Big Picture?

Q: How can I step back and see the big picture?

seeing the big picture

Todd Answers: That is a great question. It can be done in every moment by simply being aware of the space between objects, the silence between words and thoughts, and in the stillness. We usually miss these moments, but they are always there and these spaces are from where all forms can arise. In some sense, space is more important than objects because, without space, there could be no existence.

The more we see the space, the more we see connections and how things exist in relation to one another. We move beyond the senses of form and move into expanded consciousness of energy and relationships.

The easiest way to see the spaciousness is to close our eyes, sit in quiet, and turn our attention inward beyond our five senses. Here is where we will discover our deepest senses of being and a perspective of the entire universe within us and of which we are a part.

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