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How Not to Let Mean People Ruin Your Day

Q: I learned that my kindness and honesty were naive and irresponsible towards myself as it made me very vulnerable to being abused. I also realize there is some neediness in me meaning that I am unconsciously expecting some kindness or thankfulness back. But how to love when you didn’t experience much love? I feel we are pushed to live in fear and distrust toward each other.

Todd Answers: It is unfortunate that the rude person in the room can ruin the night for everyone else, but we must remember that the room was also filled with kind people too. Unfortunately, we have to protect ourselves. But, we also must remember we live in a world full of good people too.

Sometimes recharging in a new place is very beneficial. Sometimes though, because we are bringing all of our past experiences with us, we find the same things everywhere we go.

We can learn from the past and become wiser and happier, or we can let the past tarnish our present perception of the world. But always remember, we don’t have to let learning from the past come with feelings of inferiority or failure. Learning is beautiful. No one was born a genius with all the answers.

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