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How to Find Happiness & Peace?

Q: How to find happiness?

ToddAnswers: Every action we take is done out of a search for happiness. And yet, all we find is momentary pleasure followed by more craving and more longing. We seek out pleasure and try to avoid pain, but no matter how well we do, we don’t find lasting happiness.

The happiness we seek isn’t in the things we seek. Lasting joy and peace can only be found in the moments between words, actions, and thoughts. In the spaces between objects and things.


Q: Life has been extremely difficult lately. What advice would you give?

ToddAnswers: Try not to carry life on your shoulders and just take it moment by moment. May you look back on it soon as a distant memory.

Q: I’m 49 and have not found peace yet. I have all the time in the world to meditate, eat healthy and exercise but it is hard to take the first step. Hoping I will get on the path of enlightenment and will start moving instead of being lazy and wishing for it. Any thoughts?

ToddAnswers: Try not to carry all your ambitions and goals on your shoulders right now. Just focus on the first step and one step at a time. For me, that first step was meditation. That gave me the discipline, and clarity to achieve everything else.

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