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How to Learn to be Okay With my Scars

Learn to be Okay With Your Scars

okay with scars

Have you ever just been completely blown away by something in nature that you stare at it for way too long and think about it for the rest of your life?

I once saw a tree like that in New Zealand. It had alien-like tentacles coming alive, stretching out and grasping for support. So many plants and trees in that park and in Auckland had these red veiny tendrils. A fresh red one would extend and as it aged it would turn brown, and then others would form around it once it had a solid foothold. Then the bark would cover it all and the tree would be stronger and larger than before.

If you look closely at humans, we too are like this. Human strength and resilience are forged under pressure. If you look closely at strength, you will find struggle. Where you see scars, there is transformation. There can be no success without challenge. Wear your scars proud my friend, for you can do anything.

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