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How to Use Mindfulness to Manage my Emotions?

Using Mindfulness to Manage Your Emotions

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Without knowing it, the stress was getting to me. I had chronic back pain, drinking and partying way too much, and sleeping way too little. I had to see an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and a chiropractor every single week. And the bartender was my therapist. I had no idea it was all because of stress.

Then, I learned about mindfulness and meditation from different teachers in Dharamshala, India. My back pain disappeared on its own and I haven’t drank in years. I work harder and smarter than ever, but it now feels like a joy.

It’s as simple as observing reality as it really is instead of fixating on the story our mind tells us about what is happening or how things should be.

Throughout your day, take as many conscious, deep, slow breaths as you possibly can. Use each breath as an opportunity to become present and mindful of the here and now. The more breaths taken, the more mindfulness and presence enters our life. And, the sooner mindfulness becomes second nature. And this simple practice will help you in managing your emotions throughout the day.

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