Meditation Courses in Seattle, Washington

Meditation for Beginners Course

The type of meditation we teach in our Meditation for Beginners Course is here in Seattle is one of the most popular types of meditation around the world because it is so easy that everyone can get amazing benefits from it right away. For anyone who’s ever said, “I can’t meditate,” this course is for you. From professional athletes to movie stars to Fortune 500 CEOs, this technique has been proven to release stress, heal the body, increase energy, and help with countless mental and physical ailments.

Meditation Course in Seattle, washington
Mindfulness Meditation in Seattle, washington

Mindfulness Meditation Course

The more mindful we become of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and the present moment, the more joyful and rich our lives become. Because no one consciously chooses to be stressed, unhappy, impatient, anxious, or mentally unwell, they are a result of unconscious thinking. By learning and practicing Mindfulness Meditation, we raise our consciousness, concentration and awareness so that we can have a more fulfilling and joyous life.

Health and Immunity Revitalization Course

As reported on NPR, the techniques taught in this health-boosting meditation course in Seattle have helped people strengthen their immune system, fight off disease, get less sick, help with rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, feel better and think better. We focus on breathing techniques, cold therapy, meditation, and some simple stretches and strength-building exercises in order to take our abilities beyond what was once thought possible. When studied under laboratory settings, these techniques have been proven to activate the body’s immune system in order to fight off disease, withstand freezing cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time, increase cardiovascular health, improve sleep, reduce stress and inflammation, and increase energy and focus. Learn more about the teacher of this course, Todd, who has seen the benefits of these techniques first-hand as well as for countless others. 

Wim Hof Method inSeattle, washington