Meditation for Beginners Course In Seattle

Get 1-on-1 training plus in-depth classroom instruction on how to meditate and why it works. The course begins with a free and informal introductory talk followed by four consecutive days of 2-hour training in the evening. After the course is over, we’ll follow up with you to check in on how it’s going and make sure you’re doing it right and getting all of the amazing benefits possible.

Meditation for Beginners Course In Seattle, Washington

What is Taught in the Beginners Meditation Course?

The Meditation for Beginners technique is an easy, effortless, pleasurable way to meditate so that every single person can start receiving the amazing benefits from day 1. Transcend your physical world and enter a state of lasting peace, joy, love and gratitude.

Who Should Join the Beginners Meditation Course?

Meditation for Beginners is perfect for anyone who has never tried meditation, and even for experts who want to experience a more powerful and effective meditation technique. Literally anyone can do this and start experiencing benefits to their body and mind right away.

How Can the Beginners Meditation Course Benefit You?

Scientific studies and brain scans have shown that when you enter a transcendent state of consciousness, your body begins to release stress, enter deep states of relaxation and rest, heal the body and rewire the brain to function better and produce more of the chemicals that lead to happiness, love, gratitude, wholeness, connectedness, compassion, clarity, creativity, and higher levels of conscious awareness.

The results are `more energy, better sleep, better productivity, a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life, better relationships, less anger and temper, better physical and mental health, more discipline, and a greater alignment between your thoughts, words and actions.

Students of this course have reported more energy than they’ve ever had, better focus leading to greater success in their work, better grades, no more addiction or mental affliction, less chronic pain, and a greater love for life.

Customers Reviews

Todd is inspirational teacher, profoundly knowledgeable and kind. Learning to meditate with Todd has changed my life, not only having a positive impact on my health, but in small ways altering my awareness and approach so that I find myself guided in the right direction without having to try. I think meditation has made me able to explore my own potential, to follow my own path and to be more conscious of others as I do so.

Want To Know More About Our Meditation for Beginners Course?

For more information, we invite you to join us for a free, informal, introductory talk on meditation.

Talks are held on Sundays at 1:30PM and Wednesdays at 12:30PM.

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