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What do You do to Help Your Mind Unwind?

Unwind Your Mind

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Everyday we’re bombarded with millions of messages and inputs from other people and also from the media we consume. It’s enough to fill any mind with junk and clutter.

These daily bombardments of negativity are enough to grind anyone down. It’s so important to take some time each day to reset and recharge, to process the inputs, to recenter oneself, and to digest all this mental food. It is essential to finding peace in a hyperactive world.

The way to do this can be as simple as spending more time in nature or even just looking at a flower or plant for an extended period of time. It can be making art or playing music. And of course, there is no greater way to tune out all external stimuli than to sit in meditation, watch your breath, be present and conscious of the present moment, allow thoughts to come and go, and simply watch the thoughts without getting lost in thought. As you do this, you will notice that the external noise that fills up our internal world will get quieter and quieter until it is completely inaudible, peaceful and calm.

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