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What is the Right Approach to Meditation?

The Right Approach to Meditation

right approach to meditation

There is no natural process worthy of our fear. We were born into this perfect universe as a gift, not a trick. Life sprang forth in the universe in order to play, explore, and experience the universe. Each moment is a blessing and proof that we are miracles of coincidence (quite possibly intentional coincidences) living in a miraculous universe.

If feeling that awe and wonder ever gets lost in the weeds of our daily duties and responsibilities, the Buddha often reminds us to seek the middle path. You can think of it as the Goldilocks path — not too hot, not too cold. But this doesn’t just apply to food. It applies to our spiritual path as well. We don’t want to be too lazy and get no results, but we also don’t want to be too rigid so that we either burn out or we become too extreme about it that it becomes detrimental. We have to find the perfect balance between rigidity and leniency.

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