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When Your Kindness Doesn’t Get Returned by Others

Q: I have always loved everyone since I was young. But over time that love has died. I used to be a happy person but things have changed in me. I gave too much but didn’t receive the same back. Any thoughts?

Todd Answers: You can only give what you have to give. This is why it’s so important to listen to your body and mind and know when you need to recharge.

Loving yourself is not selfish. When your relationship with yourself is love, that love will be projected onto all of your relationships, and because your love comes from within, no one else can bring it down.

Sometimes life can make us tough. Sometimes we have to look tough, like when walking down certain neighborhoods, but in your mind and wherever safe, you have permission to be that shiny person. It may not mean giving every single person too much of your time, but smiles and kindness are free and unlimited, so feel free to give them away all the time. The people who respond with kindness will be your people worth giving your time to.

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