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Which Meditation Technique Todd Recommends

Q: With so many mindfulness practices around, we would love to hear your top recommendations. Good old quiet meditation or something else?

Meditation technique todd recommends

Todd Answers: There is no one best meditation. Just like there is no best medicine for every single illness. Each meditation has its own benefits and maybe what one person needs at one particular moment.

For most people, a mantra helps calm the chaotic mind. After doing this for a while, moving onto breath-awareness meditation becomes easier. With heightened focus and concentration, moving on to body scanning may be right for you. For some, walking meditation, and more generally turning every activity of the day into a meditation, may be best. Adding a loving-kindness meditation to any of these can also prove deeply powerful for opening our hearts to the world. Whatever works for you, do it! Play, explore, have fun 🙂

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