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Why my Spiritual Journey Gave me Anxiety Issues

Q: Walking in the wood I suddenly had a realization of “I am!!!” When I was in this experience it was difficult to be there as a human being and do what you are supposed to do in a situation. For this reason, I developed some anxiety around trying to not be struck by this realization of “I am”. But alas, I would be struck by the feeling, especially in social settings. My question is how this can be integrated with “there is no I”.

spiritual journey and anxiety

Todd Answers: Life is no doubt a crazy and miraculous mystery. There is the infinite eternal oneness, and then we have these bodies that have to interact with the practical world of time and place. Sometimes we can feel like aliens, especially by not being able to relate with other people who haven’t experienced this.

And so, we must master both realms. We must be able to experience that we are completely one with the universe and that we have these temporary roles and responsibilities to fulfill. It’s really a matter of one foot in the pool and one foot out. And, finding comfort and peace in both.

We can both enjoy the beingness, and sometimes, be while taking action. It’s about flowing with whatever situation arises with the skill of mindfulness. Being totally mindful of our situations takes us out of our heads, out of anxiety, and into the present moment. Being fully present lets us remove any worries and doubts, and being mindful of our own anxieties helps us recognize them and then we can choose to either listen to them or ignore them. The choice is always ours.

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