path to peace with todd perelmuter podcast

Path to Peace
with Todd Perelmuter

A Spiritual & Meditation Podcast

Join the journey in which Todd spent 9 years in over 35 countries living with and learning from 18 shamans, gurus, monks and priests. He studied 16 religions, spiritualities, and tribal beliefs and practices. He then went on to spend several months in caves, forests and deserts meditating in total solitude, all in an effort to discover the secrets to having a peaceful, calm, and stress-free mind. 

In the Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter podcast, he shares what he found so that every single person can learn what he learned, gain the benefits and share in the insights including different kinds of guided meditation and mindfulness practices.

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What began as a way to help frontline workers deal with stress from COVID, quickly became one of the best spiritual podcasts on Spotify. I’m glad that this peaceful and calming podcast where I have shared lessons from my spiritual journey has touched so many lives in such a short span of time and made their lives more joyful and fulfilling. This podcast is where you’ll find: 

  • Free meditation techniques
  • Mindful productivity life hacks
  • An exploration of spirituality from all over the world
  • Answers to some of the most pondered questions

The Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts. I hope it helps bring you some peace, calm and joy as well.