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What would make a young award-winning Creative Director at the world’s largest ad agency quit his job in New York and walk away from it all?

Insanity? Perhaps. But in my case, it was a gnawing suspicion and curiosity that there was more to life than the eat, sleep, work, play lifestyle. I had read in the Bible that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and came back Christ, ready to take on the Roman army. I heard that the Buddha sat under a tree for 49 days where he obtained supreme enlightenment.

Was enlightenment real? Could 40+ days of solitude be that transformational for everyone? Were those two men leaving an instruction booklet to future generations for how to overcome the worries and stress of our lives? I had to find out.

And so, that is exactly what I did. I quit my job, despite being offered “anything” I wanted to stay. I gave up my luxury high-rise apartment in Manhattan. I gave away or sold all of my belongings and I bought a one-way ticket to India.

Over the next 9 years, I lived in 35 countries with shamans, monks, gurus and tribes. I learned about 16 religions, spiritualities, and ancient tribal traditions and belief systems. I learned everything I could about every single meditation and spiritual practice I could find. All to prepare me for my 50 days of solitude in the middle of a huge forest in northern New Zealand.

Upon returning to the US with my unique knowledge, and seeing the huge amount of people who were consumed with worry, plagued by addiction, and not living their lives to the fullest, I knew I had to share what I had learned with the world.

Since then, thousands of people have told me how much their lives have transformed for the better after learning my simple tips for having a peaceful, stress-free and calm mind. These techniques have been passed down for thousands of years, tested by modern science, and proven to work for anyone. So, are you ready to experience what a peaceful mind can do for you?

"Happiness isn't about your job, bank account, house or spouse. It's about how happy you are when you take all those things away and are left to sit with yourself and your thoughts."

— Todd Perelmuter

Common Questions People Ask Me

While the secrets to peace lie in the nature of every country on earth, I personally found inspiring and brilliant teachers in every one of the 35 countries I lived in. Of the one that stands out the most, it seems everyone in India has some spiritual wisdom they’re dying to share. And it’s no wonder, since India is home to the Tibetan Buddhists in exhile, home to the world’s oldest religion, Hinduism, plus everywhere you look people are praying or performing some spiritual ritual.

However, Thailand, Nepal, Chile and Peru also have very special places in my heart for the unbelievable and life-changing experiences I had there. I also met a shaman in New York and a healer in Amsterdam. I’ve even discovered beautiful lessons from artists in California and Native Americans in the Southwest United States. Lessons are truly all around us if we are willing to look carefully.

I chose Te Urewera National Park in New Zealand. The reason was because New Zealand has no wolves, bears, tigers, and very few if any poisonous snakes or spiders. Once there, I saw a photo in my hostel of Te Urewera (they had a photo from each national park on the walls) and it looked lush enough to provide plenty of shade and water.

I drove down to the camping store in a town near the park and as I was buying maps I asked an employee if he knew of any rarely traveled trails that would be completely isolated. He told me which one was the most remote and he told me that there’s a family that lives not too far from the park entrance who will watch your car for the 50 days for a very reasonable price. I found the house, parked my car, the mother of the house dropped me off a couple miles up the dirt road at the park entrance, and she picked me up exactly 50 days later.

I did bring a phone as a camera and a map but nothing else. Not that it would have helped anyway. There wasn’t even cell service at the small town where I dropped off my car.

However, the day I began my 50 days, there was a very heavy rainfall. I put my phone in a ziplock bag and put it in my pocket to keep it dry. A bit later when I was grabbing something out of my pocket I noticed a most precarious situation. The ziplock bag had been collecting the rain water and now my phone was covered in a good 3 inches of water. Despite trying to dry it in a bowl of rice for the next several weeks, it never really worked again after that so I was completely on my own. Maybe it was a sign.

Before going into a forest for 50 days, remember this: isolation is a punishment called solitary confinement for people who are already being punished by going to prison. It will make most people go crazy, just look at the Unibomber.

Before I went into the forest, I spent years in silent meditation retreats, I learned and developed strong mental habits for being able to survive no comforts or companionship for long periods of time.

If you have a flexible job and the saved up vacation days, if you have amazing outdoor survival skills, if this interests you and if you spend a few years preparing properly and learning how to meditate, then I will say that this was the single greatest experience of my life.

However, because I have gathered this knowledge from around the world and because I have this experience, you do not need to do it. I will be sharing everything I have learned and will share how to gain the same benefits that I have. A person certainly does not need to withdraw from life completely because when you return, all the same problems will be there. It can be even more impactful to simply make spirituality and meditation a part of your daily life, because this is where you need it.

I would describe myself as everything and nothing. I incorporate wisdom, no matter where it comes from. It can be from religion, science, philosophy, a friend or a fairytale. There is great wisdom and truth in every religion, and I also acknowledge the great mysteries and unknowns in the universe. Curiosity, kindness, love, peace, and living harmoniously are my guide stones.

Set your intentions and let go of expectations. You are embarking upon a new journey. It will be full of the unexpected. Welcome that with open arms. Acceptance is the first step on the path to peace.

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