It is truly inspiring to see the impact these films are having around the world. These films are really not about me, they are about our shared humanity and I humbly thank you for helping this message reach so many.

Best Life-Changing Spiritual Documentary Films (Free)

Aloneness to Oneness

Award-Winning Best Spiritual Documentary Film on Non-Duality (Oneness)

Aloneness to Oneness (2021) on IMDb

Aloneness to Oneness spiritual documentary film takes us on a journey where borders and barriers disappear, and open hearts and open minds take hold. It takes us to a place where anger, greed, hatred and fear cease to be, and only love, joy, peace and gratitude remain. 

Year of Release: 2021

Length of the Film: 19 minutes

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You Are This Moment

Award-Winning Best Spiritual Documentary Film to Change Your Life Forever

You Are This Moment (2023) on IMDb

In 2014, Todd quit his job as a creative director. He gave away all his belongings and traveled the world in search of meaning and wisdom. This spiritual documentary film is a collection of answers he found.

Year of Release: 2023

Length of the Film: 31 minutes

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The Miracle of Death

Award-Winning Best Spiritual Documentary Film to Change the Way You See Life (And Death)

The Miracle of Death (2023) on IMDb

We will all take that final journey. Everyone we know and love will too. And yet it is the most feared and misunderstood adventure we will ever embark upon. It’s something that touches us all, yet we are never prepared for it.

Year of Release: 2023

Length of the Film: 17 minutes

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Returning to Oneness

The Most Eye-Opening Spiritual Documentary Film on Non-duality

Step out of the world you thought you knew and into the infinite oneness that is who you truly are. Travel beyond the mind, leave your worries and problems behind, and discover your limitless potential that lies on the other side.

Year of Release: 2024

Length of the Film: 27 minutes

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The Art of Gratitude

Best Spiritual Documentary Film on Gratitude

The Art of Gratitude (2024) on IMDb

The Art of Gratitude takes viewers on a journey back to the natural gratitude we all have inside. It shows us a new way of seeing and being in this perfect, magical universe. Gratitude alone makes life rich. This film lights the way.

Year of Release: 2024

Length of the Film: 15 minutes

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