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There is no greater selfishness than an act of truly selfless service to others. For he who gives one grain of sand gains the whole of the earth.

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Let’s lift people up high enough so that they will be able to lend a hand to someone else in need.

How Your Support is Making a Difference

If I have helped you, please consider helping someone else.

Even a small contribution keeps me being able to provide these timeless teachings to everyone in the world for free. I made a choice that this information is too important to be hidden behind a paywall. This ancient wisdom our ancestors mindfully passed down to us, is our right as humans. I would not want to live in a world where a few privileged individuals have access to these invaluable teachings, with only a few enlightened beings, while the rest of the world burns. I want to live in a world where every single seeker can find solace. Your generous support is the only reason these teachings can reach those less fortunate, and I am eternally grateful.

With your help, I am going to be able to have my books and films translated into over 20 languages so they can reach more people in need. With your support, I’ll be able to donate more books to underserved communities. And thanks to your generous support, I’ll be able to keep the lights on and doors open. You are truly the reason people are being helped by these transformative teachings all over the world.

Only when we bring more peace into our lives can we bring more peace to the world. Your help will make sure that we are able to reach this goal sooner than later. Keep the circle of goodness and kindness spinning. Help others so that one day they can help someone in need as well. We are all here because of someone else’s kindness. If you’ve felt that my work has helped you or may help others, you can express your gratitude by donating here. These donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds go to the EastWesticism nonprofit. 

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Keep the circle of goodness and kindness spinning

Other Ways You Can Support the Cause

If you would like to support this vital cause of bringing peace and healing to the world, then please join hands with me in making this world a little kinder and more peaceful. Every single contribution makes every single thing I do possible.

The principles you support when you support Todd

There are four things I know for certain:

  1. Life gets hard for all of us.
  2. We can very easily fall into sadness and despair.
  3. There is a way to rekindle that love for life, to rediscover that magic in our lives.
  4. By understanding that all things are connected and there is only oneness, we can become free from the fears and worries of our ego.

Because we have forgotten who we are, we suffer depression and anxiety, addiction and stress. When people tell me that one of my videos or books helped them out of a close call with suicide, it is for them that I work tireless nights on getting this life-changing message out to the world. Every single person I help lift up out of depression, unhappiness, and feelings of separateness and isolation, it is truly thanks to your support. I couldn’t do any of it without you.

That’s why, at EastWesticism, there is now a Wall of Gratitude to showcase all of the amazing supporters who make this work possible. Your generosity gives me such hope for this world and reaffirms my faith in this magical universe.

If you share these values, if my videos, podcasts or books have helped you in some way, and if you want to pass it forward, join the cause.