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Finding Your True Self
A Love Story

Know thyself is an ancient spiritual principle that has never been more urgently needed than this moment in time. The world over, cultures are being co-opted by Western materialism. The revolutionary power of the internet to connect us has also helped export narcissism, insecurity, isolation, depression and anxiety to even the most remote parts of the world. We are losing touch with our history, our ancestors, and ourselves.

If we don’t understand who we truly are at the deepest level, we won’t understand what makes us truly happy and fulfilled. More importantly, we won’t understand our causes of suffering and so we will be unable to end it. In Finding Your True Self: A Love Story, reconnect with the life force inside you, rediscover your infinite power, and awaken to this one precious, magical and miraculous life.

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 2

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 2

Digital Ego
Undoing the Damage of the Digital Age

For millennia, human beings have been fighting and suffering because of the human ego — that little voice in our head. But over the last 15 years, there has been a seismic shift in the psyche of our civilization. Today, instead of living in our head, we’re living online. Instead of shedding that false identity of our ego, we are doubling down by creating online personas and avatars. We have split the ego in two, creating an extra barrier towards discovering our true self and reaching our ultimate potential.

In the book, Digital Ego: Undoing the Damage of the Digital Age, I explore the nature of our newfound digital egos, what affect they are having on us, and how we can break free from our digital ego so we can live more fully, more authentically, and with more meaning and joy. 

1. Anyone who is on social media or has a family member there
2. Anyone who feels low or filled with any kind of negative emotions after going online
3. Anyone who wants to take a digital detox or wants to learn how to use social media mindfully

The Way Out of Suffering
Reaching Your Ultimate Potential

The Buddha declared in his Four Noble Truths that life is suffering. When we look closely, we see that all suffering stems from the craving and attachment to impermanent things and experiences. We are always wanting things we don’t have, or we are wishing the situations we find ourselves in would change. But, there is also a way out of the suffering, stress and dissatisfaction that plague the lives of so many in our modern civilization.

In The Way Out of Suffering, I lay out the path for how we can all free ourselves from the attachment to temporary things, situations and experiences. I show how we can enjoy without craving, love without clinging, and feel that deep centered peace which has no opposite and needs no external fleeting pleasure to sustain it.

1.Anyone who has ever felt the sting of suffering and wants to let go of their painful past
2. Anyone who is trying hard to succeed in life but doesn’t feel like they’re getting anywhere
3. Anyone who wants to find peace and happiness and to heal their inner child

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 2

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 1

Perels of Wisdom
Tapping Into the Peace Within

In the modern age where attention spans have all but disappeared, this book makes timeless wisdom simple, direct, easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to implement so we can all create a life filled with peace, love and joy.

Filled with deep truths we all intuitively know deep down, this book reminds us who we really are, why we are here, and what we are capable of.

1. Anyone who wants daily meditations to lift them up and add peace to their day
2. Anyone who wants timeless wisdom in easy to understand and easy to implement format
3. Anyone who wants bite-sized, easily digestible, and practical tools for living a fulfilling life

Death, Life and Oneness
Spiritual Wisdom From the Gita

The all-encompassing wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita is applicable to every aspect of modern life. But until now, that beautiful story of the battle and conquest over our own mind has been difficult for Westerners and modern readers to fully grasp. Translations often brush over concepts that are already widely understood by Hindu scholars.

Now, we can see the Gita through the lens of modernity. We can see its myriad of lessons through practical applications to the common struggles we face today. This book is the culmination of our ancient ancestors speaking to us through our own contemporary perception. Finally, this priceless story is accessible to anyone and everyone so we can all benefit personally, and through us, the world.

1. Anyone who wants to become free from attachment and find meaning and purpose in life
2. Anyone who wants to conquer their fear of death, find the courage to face life head on, and bask in the oneness of the universe
3. Anyone who wants ancient healing wisdom for our modern chaotic times

Audiobook Also Available

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 3

Audiobook Also Available

Spiritual Difficulty Level: 1

Meditation and Mindfulness for Attracting your Soulmate

Humans are social beings. We all have a drive inside of us to love and be loved. While we may think finding love is all about looks, wealth, or even personality, in reality, it all goes back to our state of mind. In this book, you’ll learn how to love yourself, love life, and find your perfect partner to share this beautiful adventure with.

1. Anyone who wants to figure out the secret to finding their soulmate
2. Anyone who wants to know how to have a mindful relationship
3. Anyone who is tired of traditional dating and wants to find deeper and more spiritual connections

***All the spiritual difficulty ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5.

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Some Other Books

Books by Todd Perelmuter

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Say Goodbye to Restless Leg Syndrome

Say Goodnight to Restless Leg Syndrome with Meditation (Audiobook)

Learn what's behind restless leg syndrome, how meditation and mindfulness can help, and enjoy 3 free guided meditations specifically designed for restless leg syndrome. No matter what caused your restless legs, the techniques here can help bring some relief and comfort.

ADHD book todd perelmuter

How I Cured My ADHD with Meditation and How You Can Too (Audiobook)

Our society is losing the ability to focus and pay attention. Kids with ADHD has gone from 3% to over 10%, and it is still rising fast. In this audiobook, learn how meditation helps kids and adults focus and concentrate, calm their bodies and mind, and become happier and more peaceful.

release stress through meditation

How to Release Stress Through Meditation (Audiobook)

Don’t just reduce or manage your stress. Release it completely, and transform the way you view stressful situations so that you stop creating new stress in your mind and body once and for all.  Learn how meditation can help you eliminate stress, how to get started, and how you can apply it to your daily life.

Books by Todd Perelmuter

89 Answers to Common Spiritual Questions

There are a million books out there about meditation and spirituality. But where are we supposed to get our questions answered? Todd Perelmuter answers some of the most common meditation and spiritual questions of our time.


My Story of Weight Loss Through Meditation (Audiobook)

Learn how to use the ancient practice of meditation to become not just a conscious eater, but a more conscientious person. This isn't a diet book. It's a book about loving our lives more deeply, becoming more present, and in the process losing a lot of weight quickly and keeping it off for good.

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