10,000 Mental Steps Challenge

Take 10,000 little mental steps everyday to boost your mood, clear your head, and heal your heart

10,000 Mental Steps

Are You Happy?

Take the Baseline Happiness Test

Serious question. Are you generally happy most of the time? I don’t mean when you’re scrolling, watching, listening, reading, dating, working, eating, drinking or sleeping. But between all that stuff, when you’re alone with your thoughts, do you immediately pull out your phone? Or, do you take in the moment? What is your baseline? How happy would you be after 5 minutes alone without your phone? 10 minutes? An hour?This is what I call the Baseline Happiness Test.

Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere, chances are you’ve noticed that our society isn’t designed for optimal human wellbeing. Sadly, depression, anxiety and inattention have become universal defining characteristics of our modern times.

We cannot be truly happy if we are always running away from ourself and the present moment. But, if we are truly happy, then even displeasing things will not disturb our peace. So, if riches and fame still can’t bring happiness, what are we supposed to do?

Fortunately, happiness isn’t something that some people are born with and some people aren’t. It’s also not something that requires a charmed, perfect life. The beauty of happiness is that it’s a skill we can nurture, foster, and develop. It’s a muscle we can strengthen and grow so that happiness becomes effortless and second-nature.

The thing is, most people weren’t taught how to be happy. We weren’t taught how to focus, how to calm our body and mind, or how to let go of a difficult past. That’s why over the next 6 months, I am launching the 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge. Just like we need to move our body daily, we also need to take 10,000 little mental steps everyday that will boost our mood, clear our heads, and heal our hearts. Whether you struggle with suicide, addiction, ADHD, depression, anxiety or anything else, I guarantee that you won’t be the same person at the end of 6 months as you were at the beginning.

There is nothing more important than your mental peace. Give yourself the greatest gift in the world, and be sure to pass the priceless gift of peace of mind along to any friends or family who could use it. 

Join The 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge

You deserve happiness. Your loved ones deserve happiness. 

Why Join 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge

We all know what to do to keep ourselves physically healthy,
but very few of us are taught how to stay mentally healthy

Something occurred to me the other day as I was going through questions people reached out to ask me. I was struck by the heartbreaking stories of people in grief, battling with suicidal thoughts, dealing with trauma, and living with pain and suffering. So many people who have lost hope and are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People who’ve been let down by the universe, by heartbreaks, deaths, betrayals, abandonment and deception, and who are now struggling to have faith in life again.

It occurred to me that while we all know what to do to keep our bodies healthy, very few of us are taught how to stay mentally healthy. We know we need to eat right, sleep well, move our bodies, and take about 10,000 steps a day to stay fit. But very few people know how to be happy and stay happy.

The good news is that there are very simple steps we can all take to be happier. No matter what we’ve been through, no matter how hard things are, we all have the ability to heal and grow. That’s why I am creating the 10,000 Mental Steps Transformation Challenge.

I will be sharing everything we need to rise above any challenge, overcome any adversity, maintain inner peace, and find lasting happiness. I’ll be sharing all of my knowledge and experience, plus daily actionable steps that build on each other over time, all included in my weekly Path to Peace with Todd Perelmuter newsletter. These 10,000 mental steps are the pillars for our psychological health and wellbeing.

Just give me 6 months and let’s see if we can turn that rough patch into a beautiful garden. I have seen these teachings work time and time again for people. We can become our own therapist. We can discover a way out of suffering. And it’s a beautiful journey that starts with a single step. You deserve happiness. Your loved ones deserve happiness. Sign up and let’s kick 2024’s butt! Looking forward to going on this journey with you.

If you know someone who is going through a tough time, please make sure to share this with them. It’s all free and very easy to make a part of our day-to-day lives so that we can see a real change in ourselves and in our lives. Here’s to 2024 being the year of change and growth. Excited to join you on the journey.

Thanks For Making 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge a Success

“Happiness isn’t about your job, bank account, house or spouse. It’s about how happy you are when you take all those things away and are left to sit with yourself and your thoughts.”

Of course we think we’re happy when we’re watching our favorite show, eating our favorite food, drinking and hanging out. But that’s how we feel when we’re distracted from ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings.

Our baseline determines how much we ENJOY our favorite things, and not just how much we NEED our favorite things to escape from ourselves. It determines how we feel when something doesn’t go our way, like when we get stuck in traffic, or when a flight gets canceled.

When we need distractions to avoid our thoughts, it’s impossible to be content, present, and we’re always thinking about what’s next. Life becomes all about consumption. We become a slave to our phone, food, entertainment, work, gambling or substances — anything to keep our minds distracted.

True happiness doesn’t come from running away from ourselves. We find it when we look within, make peace with ourselves, and shine a light on our shadow. The problem is, most of us weren’t taught how to do that, how to calm a chaotic mind, or how to let go of our mistakes, regrets, trauma and fear, and how to finally forgive ourselves.

That’s why The 10,000 Mental Steps Challenge was started. The same way we need to move our body daily, we also need to take 10,000 little mental steps everyday to calm our mind and heal our hearts.

It has been so heartwarming to hear how this challenge has been helping so many of you.