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Your Best Self Awaits

Who you are is who you’ve chosen to be. Who you will be depends on the choice you make now.

There is a world inside each of us. Where battles rage on. Where pride and ego fight the forces of good and righteousness. Where self-doubt and sadness team up against love and happiness.

Our mind can make hell into heaven and heaven into hell. With so much happening in our mind, it’s not easy to live fully — to be a great spouse, a great parent, a great son/daughter, a great entrepreneur, a great artist, or even a great human. We fail to reach our full potential professionally as well as personally. We get stuck in mediocrity when we could have touched the stars.

That’s why the mission of EastWesticism is to make it easy for everyone to have a peaceful, stress-free, and calm mind so they can live the life of their dreams.

If we have everything but peace, we have nothing. If we have nothing but peace, we have everything. – Todd  Perelmuter

Hi, I’m Todd!

I am an ordinary person just like you. Driven on a quest for happiness, I decided to spend a few years in Indian ashrams, practicing meditation and learning their ways from gurus and Hindu priests.

I have lived as a monk for years in monasteries across Asia where I renounced all earthly possessions and discovered the enormous power we each have within ourselves.

I spent years being trained by shamans in tribes and jungles throughout South America.

And inspired by Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Muhammad and others, I have lived in caves, forests and deserts in complete solitude, meditating for months on end to feel what they felt, to experience what they experienced, to learn what they learned.

My mission was to figure out the secrets of a peaceful, calm and stress-free mind because everything we experience externally is a projection of our mind.

The solution to every problem we face is already inside us. Achieving the impossible becomes a reality when we learn the secrets to unlocking our minds’ potential. And I’m here to share my discoveries with you so you too can achieve what you’ve always wanted and become your best self.

  • 9 years
  • 35 countries
  • 5 continents
  • 16 tribes, spiritualities and religions
  • 18 shamans, priests, gurus and monks
  • 11,238 hours meditating
  • 147 days of solitude
  • 1 time robbed
  • 8 near-death experiences

Your Questions Answered 

I get so many questions from so many people all over the world on social media. Questions about things we all wonder and think about. But not everybody is on social media, so here I try to answer every single question so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom and knowing that none of us are alone. Subscribe below to my “Path to Peace” newsletter if you are spiritually curious and ponder the deep questions about life as well.

Get Peace & Calm Delivered

Receive the tools and insights for living a life free from fear, negativity and stress.


Are You the Best Version of Yourself?

You are not your genes or the luck of your circumstances.

You are not your surroundings or your influences.

You are not what you eat or what you do.

You are what you choose.

Whether it’s a conscious choice or an unconscious one is up to you. You are a collection of your choices. What you regularly choose are your habits. Where you choose to go, who you choose to spend time with, what you choose to fill the time with, that is who you are. And your choices can change. Who you are is a choice you can change at any time. You can be whoever you want and however you want.

If you want to be more joyful, more grateful, more peaceful, more filled with love and laughter, that starts with a choice you can make right here and now.

If you want to be less stressed, less sick, less distracted, less depressed, less negative, you can start that journey of meditation and mindfulness today.

Are You New to Meditation & Mindfulness?

Congratulations! You are about to begin the single greatest daily habit you could ever do. Meditation and mindfulness improves every single aspect of a person’s life in countless ways. This is the only reason meditation and mindfulness has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

I believe that everyone can have peaceful, calm and stress-free life. When our mind is peaceful, we are able to direct our mind in one direction — the direction of personal and professional growth. Through meditation and mindfulness, you will experience better focus and concentration, better productivity and creativity, improved physical and mental health, control over addictions and anger, as well as greater joy and lasting happiness.

If you’ve recently started your journey, you’ll need guidance. As you already know, your mind can easily be distracted and it’s easy to get off track. Here are all the resources you’ll need to get started. You’ll find free meditation videos, techniques and tips, a guided morning meditation, mindfulness tools, and everything else you’ll need to start the journey successfully.

In the Press

Fighting Covid Stress with Meditation & Mindfulness

Everyone faced enormous stress during the pandemic, perhaps none more so than our frontline and essential workers. That’s why in 2020, EastWesticism provided free meditation and mindfulness classes to these brave men and women who were experiencing extreme stress. We helped over 20,000 people – many of whom were from New York City, the original epicenter of the virus – learn meditation, mindfulness, and other practical tools for lowering stress, staying focused, and being present at home and on the job.