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Aloneness to Oneness​

22 Life Lessons to Change the Way You See The World

This book brings the thought-provoking ideas presented in the award-winning spiritual film, Aloneness to Oneness, to life. It expands on the concepts of oneness and lays the foundation for real and meaningful change.

Hi, I'm Todd!

Ex ad man from New York City who went on a 9 year long soul-searching journey around the world living with gurus, monks and shamans, and meditated alone in a forest for 50 days to find the secret to the biggest question of all time: what is the secret to a happy life? Author of several books including, The Way Out of Suffering and Finding Your True Self, a philosopher of life, and speaker on the topics of inner peace and lasting happiness.

EastWesticism is a collection of the wisdom I learned from my travels, from the Far East to the Far West, so that everyone no matter where they live or what they do can benefit from this timeless and life-changing wisdom.

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