Corporate Meditation Packages & Rates

Meditation and mindfulness can help every office reduce conflicts, lower turnover rates, boost morale and avoid costly mistakes. That’s why we offer corporate meditation and mindfulness packages for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

While our rates are competitive, our services are like no other. At EastWesticism, you don’t get a teacher. You get Todd Perelmuter, who spent 9 years studying from the great masters around the world.

We have custom Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness programs designed to fit every person and every company’s needs. Costs can vary due to:

  1. Virtual or in-person
  2. At your office or offsite in a retreat setting
  3. Your team’s size
  4. Duration
  5. Frequency
Our Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness packages are an investment in your company that will not only pay for itself in increased productivity, lower turnover and fewer sick days. It will also help everyone inside your organization find joy, purpose and peace in their lives.

    Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Packages

    The Quickie

    The quickest way to boost your office’s work-life balance, decrease stress, lower employee turnover rates, and boost productivity. Most importantly, set your employees up for a successful and consistent meditation and mindfulness practice.

    Employers and employees alike will come away with greater job — and life — satisfaction and fulfillment.

    The Quickie package includes:

    • A minimum 2-hour session.
    • Recommended 4 sessions.
    • Teachings about managing stress, living mindfully, and how to be more present, focused and alert.
    • Mindfulness exercises.
    • Mindfulness geared towards for diversity and women.
    • Desk meditation instruction.
    • Breathing exercises.
    • Monthly checks.

    The Total Package

    Dive deeper into meditation and mindfulness, unlock hidden potential and untapped creativity, and discover the secrets to focus, concentration, greater health and more energy.

    You and your coworkers will leave with the tools to be able to overcome any obstacle, rise to any challenge, and face any difficulty with ease and joy.

    The Total Package includes:

    • Minimum 4-hour session.
    • Recommended 4 sessions.
    • Learn how to do double the work in a day and love it.
    • Learn how to give better input in meetings.
    • Tap into the subconscious mind to generate more creative and innovative ideas.
    • Pay more attention and reduce errors.
    • Mind hacks, mindfulness exercises and meditation instruction.
    • Monthly checks.

    Mindfulness for Leaders

    This package addresses the unique challenges executives, managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders face in business.

    Join the ranks of other Fortune 500 executives who have Todd Perelmuter on speed dial for whenever high pressure situations occur.

    The Mindfulness for Leaders package includes:
    • One-on-one or group sessions.
    • Minimum 1-hour session.
    • Minimum 6 sessions.
    • Learn how to better manage a team.
    • How to reduce turnover rates.
    • How to kill at board meetings.
    • Learn meditations for before your meetings, presentations and important deals.
    • Meditation to build better leadership skills.
    • Priority access and last-minute coaching appointments.
    • Monthly checks.

    Can your workplace benefit from more productive and creative minds?