Daily Gratitude Habits Checklist

(And Todd's gratitude-filled meal prayer)

When we’re grateful, we live in true wealth and abundance. When we are ungrateful, we have nothing. Our entire life flows out from within us. How we are determines who we are. Just like how we only want to do things for people who will be appreciative, the moment we start looking for things to be grateful for is the moment we find them.

When we project a mindset of wealth and abundance, people will naturally treat us accordingly. When we feel abundant, we feel worthy and confident. People only see us how we see ourselves. So let’s start seeing our gifts, recognizing our blessings, and knowing our worth. And it all starts with gratitude.

The Art of Gratitude

The Art of Gratitude film takes viewers on a journey back to the natural gratitude we all have inside us. Instead of taking everything for granted, this film shows us a new way of seeing, and being in, this perfect, magical universe. Gratitude is the most important human emotion because it alone determines the quality of our life. This film is a roadmap back to our grateful hearts.

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Daily Gratitude Habits Checklist

A Checklist for a Joyful Existence 

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These are the benefits you will get from the Daily Gratitude Habits Checklist:

✔️ Improved Mental Well-Being

✔️ Increased Happiness and Life Satisfaction

✔️ Better & Stronger Relationships

✔️ Stress Reduction & Elevated Mood

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