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“Every great human endeavor sprang forth first from the mind. To ignore the importance of the mind would be to ignore our greatest asset.” — Todd Perelmuter

Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops in
New York City by Todd Perelmuter

The Biggest Resource We Have is Our Mind.

We no longer live in an age where strength and brute force dominate the world.

With no more than his mind, Stephen Hawking was able to travel to the beginning of time and through black holes, and survive so that he could report back to us what he found.

Today, how a business performs is only as good as the minds who work there.

Imagine a free, corporate performance enhancer with no side effects except a greater sense of fulfillment in life, greater health, and less stress.

Imagine an office that can accomplish in 5 hours what it normally does in 8 hours.

Imagine a place where employees and executives share innovative ideas more often,  where the tough decisions can be made unemotionally and with a clear head.

When an entire workplace has a peaceful mind, this becomes a reality. A chaotic mind only produces chaos, but a peaceful mind is where insight, wisdom, focus, and clarity come from. Just ask daily meditators Ray Dalio (Founder of Bridgewater Associates), Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square Payments and Twitter), Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Lucas, Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, or even the employees at Facebook or Google who have all received corporate meditation workshops and seminars.

As a person deeply familiar with the corporate world, the topics that Todd speaks on include mindfulness, meditation, meditation for creativity, self-development, dealing with stress and anxiety, finding and maintaining a work-life balance, loving Mondays, solving problems, focus and concentration, working smarter, and interpersonal skills.

Bring Meditation & Mindfulness to Your Company 

Companies that Work with Todd Report...

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94% of Americans Suffer from Workplace Stress

According to

  • 90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related ailments or complaints.
  • 63% of all U.S. workers are ready to quit their job due to stress.
  • Businesses lose up to $300 billion annually due to workplace stress.
  • 56% of employees say stress and anxiety impact their performance.
  • 76% of workers say stress affects their relationships, 66% say it affects their sleep, and 54% say it affects their home life.

Learning the skills to focus with great intensity for long periods of time vastly improves productivity.

Because meditation increases the amount of grey matter in the prefrontal cortex — the area of the brain responsible for executive functions — self-discipline,  decision-making, concentration, judgement, conscientiousness, and organization become effortless.

According to Harvard Business Review, just 10 to 12 minutes of meditation led to much more innovative and creative ideas and solutions from executives and employees.

In one study, workers who practiced a short 10-minute meditation produced ideas that were 55% wider in range than those who did not meditate. Meaning, when our minds are chaotic we cannot think outside the box and come up with truly original solutions.

Columbia University Medical Center found that our minds are lost in thought 47% of the time. But, the kind of meditation Todd teaches changes the function and structure of our brain to focus and concentrate better, improve memory and learning, and to increase our attention span.

Turns out, happy workers are healthier workers. Depression leads to $51 billion in costs due to absenteeism alone.

Most remarkably, a study by the University of Wisconsin found that meditators took 76.2% fewer sick days for acute respiratory infections such as the common cold or the flu. The meditators even took half as many sick days as the group of exercisers in the study!

As for turnover rates, they’re up 88% since 2010 and cost U.S. companies $600 billion. According to one study by the iOpener Institute, mindfulness reduces turnover by 46%, employees stay twice as long and are 40% more engaged. 

When we’re stressed, tired, and feeling scattered, we make costly mistakes. Because mindfulness and meditation improve sleep, reduce stress, and create a calm mind, we make better, more thoughtful decisions.

According to a study by INSEAD’s Organizational Behavior Department, just 15 minutes of the kind of meditation we teach leads to more rational thinking, less bias, and more profitable decisions.

“Easy, simple, powerful tools for stress.”

“My team’s more focused and productive.”

“Stress-free, fear-free decision-making.”

Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Programs For Businesses

Success Starts and Ends with a Peaceful, Stress-Free Mind

Todd Perelmuter has often been referred to as the “Success Shaman” for how much his corporate talks improve workplace dynamics and transform the lives and businesses he touches. After spending 9 years meditating and learning about spirituality and psychology around the world, Todd is now working to bring a peaceful, calm and stress-free mind to an over-stressed workforce at home in the U.S. and around the world. 

Armed with the tools to eliminate stress, workers and companies who have seen Todd talk report drastic improvements in focus, productivity, creativity, innovation, profitable decision-making, fulfillment, and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. This led to fewer costly mistakes, less sick days, fewer instances of HR conflict resolution, and less employee turnover. Profits went up and problems went down.

Every business problem can be solved with a peaceful mind. Having been in the corporate world for over a decade, Todd uniquely knows how to relate to both employees and executives, and makes sure that no one feels burned out or unable to embrace work challenges with enthusiasm and clear thinking.

As a former Copywriter, Creative Director and Comedian, Todd speaks in a humorous, informative, easy-to-understand, and relatable way. He knows the challenges, he knows his audience, and he knows how to connect with them.


Todd knows what workers and businesses need because he spent more than a decade working in ad agencies in New York, Colorado, and Los Angeles.

When he wasn’t working, he was performing comedy at nightclubs where he developed the skills needed for public speaking.

Appeals to diverse workforce

Todd has lived all over the world, including in New York City, and understands the rich tapestry and diversity that make this planet so beautiful. He speaks in a delicate way that excludes no group and he appreciates the nuances of the times we live in.

With a background in numerous religions, spiritualities, and the mental health sciences, Todd can speak to audiences of all kinds and makes everyone feel welcome.

Vast Experience

Over the course of 9 years, Todd lived with shamans in South America, monks in Asia, and gurus in India. He lived among tribes, in Hindu ashrams, and in Buddhist monasteries. He spent several months meditating alone in forests, caves, and deserts.

He has since taught thousands of people meditation and spiritual wisdom for living their best lives possible.

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Todd Perelmuter (Founder EastWesticism)

How I Can Help

Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

Give your company the competitive advantage with these engaging workshops that transform lives and businesses . Learn from Todd's unique expertise and his personal stories. This peaceful and life-changing experience ranges from a half-day or a full day to multiple days.


These impactful, clear, practical talks will stay with the audience for the rest of their lives. Filled with useful wisdom, applicable knowledge, and simple steps told in an entertaining way, these keynote events, conferences, and private meetings are always a hit.

Corporate Retreats

When you want to bring a big change to your organization, this is the way to do it. Companies and groups will develop the skills and a strong foundation for a lifetime of peace, health and happiness. From one day to one week, these retreats can be organized anywhere in the world.

The Most Popular Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Keynotes and Seminars in New York City

Offer Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Programs to Your Employees

“Happy workers make successful companies.” — Todd Perelmuter

Corporate Meditation Programs can be keynote lectures, multiple seminars, interactive workshops or retreats. They may take place in New York City or anywhere around the world, in the office or offsite. They include a mix of mindfulness and meditation training, as well as instruction on what to expect when meditating, insights into the nature of the mind, the root causes of stress, and the best ways to alleviate stress.

Beyond stress, Corporate Meditation Programs show employees and executives alike how to be more present, mindful, communicate more clearly, how to hack into our creativity and focus, generate more energy and productivity, and how to find more fulfillment, purpose and peace.

Through a combination of speaking, guided meditation, and group exercises, companies can expect progress and growth in numerous areas of their business, including a better work-life balance, better group dynamics and better job satisfaction.

There may be no other place in the U.S. that needs Corporate Meditation Programs more than New York City. New York City is the most overworked, overstressed, highest-paced city in the country. Add to that the fact that it probably has fewer green spaces and trees than nearly any other city of its size and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Few things relieve us of stress quite like being completely surrounded by untouched nature, something New Yorkers are starving for whether they realize it or not. Luckily, Corporate Meditation Programs can similarly help workers recharge their batteries, recenter, refocus, and rejuvenate themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A good Corporate Meditation Program will include both meditation and mindfulness. It’s so important to have both, as meditation without mindfulness is like keeping only one eye opened. At EastWesticism, every Corporate Meditation Program includes mindfulness as part of the program because every single person needs both the experience of meditation along with the knowledge and wisdom of mindfulness.


Take doctors for example. Someone who wants to be a doctor doesn’t just start cutting up patients without having any knowledge about what they’re doing and then suddenly they’re a doctor. Nor do they just read in books about how to cut up their patients and then they receive their medical licence. They need both the knowledge and the experience to become a doctor. The same is true for becoming an expert at living a peaceful, stress-free and joyous life. It takes wisdom and practice.

When an employee is full of energy, focus and creativity, they don’t need external motivation. When an employee is free from stress, worry and doubt, they are able to perform at their best. Rather than bringing in a motivational speaker to temporarily lift up your workers, a Corporate Meditation Program can give workers themselves the tools and power to lift themselves up. This is much more powerful and will last them the rest of their lives. 

Everything we do stems from our state of mind. For lasting motivation, we have to get down to the root cause of demotivation: stress, lack of clarity, lack of presence and mindfulness. Only a Corporate Meditation Program can do this.

Few people have more stress and more of a need to think clearly and sharply than executives. They carry the weight of their company on their shoulders. This can lead to fear-based decisions and the discouragement of innovation and creativity.


Thanks to meditation and mindfulness, top CEOs and executives and countless Fortune 500 companies have been able to relieve their stress, find more peace in the chaos, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Mindfulness isn’t just about clarity, awareness, productivity, creativity and focus. It’s also about empathy – the key ingredient to being a successful leader.


As executives become more able to get out of their own head, they’re better able to put themselves in other people’s shoes, to think about problems from other people’s perspectives, and to have a greater understanding of complex office and industry dynamics.


At its essence, mindfulness simply means to be more aware. In meditation, as we put away distractions and clear our mind, we begin to become more aware of subtleties and details we never noticed before. This heightened awareness is like having a superpower that spills over into the rest of our lives. It helps make leaders better connected to their audience, employees, colleagues, clients, friends and family.

Few places have more stress than the office. Some statistics say that as much as 72% of all stress is work-related. 50% of all workers are right now considering quitting their job because of work-place stress.

That tells us that there is no place more important for mindfulness than the office. Mindfulness and meditation more than any other activity have been shown to reduce workplace stress and increase our workplace satisfaction.

Study after study shows that any company wishing to attract the best talent, to increase their profits, and to retain their employees longer must include Corporate Meditation Programs at the office. 

Google, Facebook, Goldman-Sachs, General Mills, Amazon and Nike have all discovered the benefits of Corporate Meditation Programs in their employees’ lives, in their ability to bring in the best and the brightest, and to their bottom lines. From better retention to fewer sick days, from cost-saving ideas to fewer mistakes, there may be no other investment you can make in your company that will have an ROI like a Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Program. 

People enjoy how they’re able to relate to Todd’s message because he spent more than a decade working in the corporate world as an ad-man in New York City before spending a decade learning about meditation and mindfulness. 

In addition, the years he spent performing stand-up comedy and improv on some of the most renowned stages in New York City have uniquely equipped him to share his knowledge in a highly entertaining and humorous style.