Gift a Book to a Prisoner

“When our bodies are locked up, we must be able to free our mind.”

Help Share the Gift of Peace With a Prisoner Today

Your Gift Will Give a New Direction to Many Lives

We are truly all one people. Even for those locked away in a forgotten cell, we are still all connected.

When they suffer, we suffer. When they heal, we heal.

And when they have the tools to become free from their trauma, free from their impulsivity, and free from their anger, we all benefit.

Please help us share the gift of peace, presence and purpose with our fellow brothers and sisters who need it now more than ever. Your donation will help us send more books to more prisons so that everyone has the ability to reach their potential and be a force for good in this world.

About the Peaceful Prisoners Program

How it started

Recently a woman reached out to me and told me about her son who has been incarcerated for the last three years. After finishing, The Way Out of Suffering, she gave the book to her son to read. Her touching story of how it brought him out of his depression, helped him accept and make peace with his circumstances, and how he is now making the most of his time by working on his education and also mentoring other inmates, moved me to tears and inspired me to launch the Peaceful Prisoners Program.

I’ve always known the power of these teachings. I have seen how meditation and mindfulness programs have transformed some of the most dangerous prisons into some of the safest. And I know that there are few places where these teachings are more needed than in our jails and prisons.

When our bodies are locked up, we must be able to free our mind.

Many of these prisoners will reenter our society one day. Let’s make sure they have the tools to rehabilitate and become proud members of our communities.

Goal to Donate 10,000 Books to Prisons 📚

📚 Goal Achieved
Books Donated 10%

Be the Light in Someone’s Life

What is Peaceful Prisoners Program?
A book donation program for prisoners so they can overcome the mindset that got them into prison in the first place. It’s for those who are innocent to find peace and acceptance. And it’s for those who simply lacked the resources and opportunities to escape their environment. These teachings include ancient spiritual wisdom, teachings on understanding the brain and how to change it, and ways to deal with stress and anger in positive ways.

Who all can be a part of it?
Anyone who wants to help people in prison.

How can you help?
By donating to the cause so that we can send more books to more prisons.

How will the funds be used?
In printing the books, shipping them to various prisons, and we hope to be able to work with prisoners in person as well.

How can you donate?
By clicking on the button below.

Special Thanks to Our Givers of Peace

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Givers of Peace. Your support is making a big difference in raising the consciousness of our planet. We now have a Wall of Gratitude to showcase all of our amazing supporters who make this work possible.

Thank you so much for sharing the gift of peace, presence and purpose with our fellow brothers and sisters who need it now more than ever. Thank you for being a beacon of light to the world.

Not everyone can afford to offer support to others right now. Sometimes we are able to lend a hand to lift someone else up, and sometimes we are the ones reaching out for a hand to lift us up.

But if you can help, there are three good reasons to support the program: every single penny donated goes directly to this cause; this life-changing wisdom and these lifesaving skills that are taught in remote places around the world must become readily available to the people who need it most; and it takes less than a minute to help change someone’s entire life. Make an impact today with a tax-deductible donation and bring some peace into our world. Thank you.

Gift a Book to a Prisoner