Wall of Gratitude

I am moved and inspired by all of these guardian angels that walk among us. Your generosity gives me such hope for this world and reaffirms my faith in this magical universe. Thank you thank you thank you for contributing to this most important of causes: spreading peace and oneness with the world. With your support, I can keep working to bring a light to those lost in the darkness. 

Your incredible support is literally saving lives and changing the world. When I get messages from people telling me how my work has helped them out of suicidal depression, that would not have been possible without you. Thank you for being a beacon of light to the world.

Janet Koester
Audra Cramer
Jacqueline Findlay
Redmond Inspiration Group
mary k Peltier
Ali Hussain
Janet Koester
Jessica Thayer
Christie Barker-Cummings
Karen L Fygi
Chase Robinson
Karen Woo
Jack Wung
Craig Coonan
Janice Rodgers
Ramanan Kanagaratnam
Transformation Center CT
Aicha Clouse
Ravikant Kolli
Amanpreet Sawhney
Bryan Hamilton
Jane Frantz
Christopher Yenter
Ellen Levin

Donald Bishop
Kjarstena Hooker
Lisa Coleman
Jennifer Cronin
Rhonda Sawchuk
Yuri Toor
Joanne Cooper
Christine Hetlinger
Tricia carney
Wendy Snider
Robbi Wymer
Charles Frederick HARDY
Caroline Baumgartner
Antonio Da Costa
Michael Coburn
Elżbieta Stachnik
Martina Thomas
Trevor Hutcheson
Lynne Slightom
Makayla Plunkett
Nikhar Kashyap
Amelia Finker
Andrew Oliver
Susan Bakke

Marsha Gallegos
Jerry Bastida
Doria Chege
Susannah Grover
Bryan Hamilton
Mary Cina
Michele Smith-jones
Amanpreet Sawhney
Sharon Ikegaya
Alicia Vargo
Maria Olsen
Odile Penet
Angela Herber
Caroline Baumgartner
Heather Jones
Haytham AlMunif
Saeed Asadi
Connie Fox Consulting LLC
Ann Rosenberg -Sattich
Marie Krivitz
Sharon Hanson
Rosemarie Zielke
Lena Streit
Amber Marie Ulrey

Michele Carlson
Angela Herber
Mirza Cunha
Tina Garrison
Inderpal Sagoo
Travis Jamieson
Cornelia Kopp
Susan Wood
The Old Burrow
Claire Hyland
Courtney Diles
Dylan Clissold
Elisa Trucco
Carl Groves
Violeta Iguchi
Katarzyna Szpilska
Bernd Ockelmann
Leigh Mason
Coach Keena Training
Adina Smith
Mary Cina
Denise Park
Tammy Ennis
Utpal Das

***And many many more who would like to stay anonymous***

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