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My Negative Emotions Overpower me When I Meditate

How to Deal With Negative Emotions That Erupt When I Meditate

negative emotions while meditating

While most people who meditate experience amazing results, it’s not uncommon for negative emotions to come up when starting out.

Whenever we try anything new, it can take some time before we get good. Not only that, when you’ve been living your whole life constantly doing things, not doing things can feel very uncomfortable. Thanks in part to smartphones, most of us spend all our time constantly entertained, distracted, or lost in thoughts. We’ve unconsciously trained our minds to find peace and quiet miserable. In meditation, we refrain our mind to be calm, peaceful and present.

When we first sit down with no distractions and just try to be still and observe whatever arises, oftentimes suppressed emotions can bubble up to the surface. This is normal and allows for proper healing.

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