How to Fight Insecurity

In order to free ourselves from insecurity, we must first develop a deep understanding of what insecurity is, where it stems from, and how it spreads its little seeds of doubt and fear. Once we understand the nature of our own insecurity, we can recognize it for what it is. Once we recognize it, it can no longer hold its grip over us. Once it no longer grips us, we can finally become free from it. In this video, I explore the root causes of fear and insecurity so we can nip it in the bud once and for all.

In a world of social media and constant connection, constant judgment can easily become a major part of our lives. We may make decisions based on what others will think. We may even behave in ways that go against who we truly are, all to live up to some artificial view of what society thinks we should want and who we should be. By seeing reality as it truly is, by reducing our judgment of other people for what they do, and by tapping into our inner strength and wisdom, we can transform our fear of judgment into courage and confidence. In this video, I explain how to do just that.

Transform Your Fear of Judgment into Courage

No one can bring out our best and worst selves quite like the people we’re closest to. When approached mindfully, relationships can be incredible opportunities to grow in presence and as people. But when there is insecurity, doubt, jealousy, suspicion or possessiveness in relationships, this can create a toxic fertile soil for mindlessness and trouble to grow. Because most of us want to be in a relationship, we can cling too much, we can worry and stress, and we can push away what we want most. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, relationship doubts and hardships are inevitable. If it is leading to bigger problems or just want to know how to have more confident relationships, watch this video.

For millennia, spiritual teachers taught us how to free ourselves from the ego. Monasteries and ashrams flourished as their sacred respite became increasingly needed. But, over the last 15 years there has been a seismic shift in the psyche of our civilization. Today, instead of living in our head, we’re living online. Instead of shedding that egoic false identity, we are creating online personas and avatars. We have split the ego in two, creating an extra obstacle towards discovering our true self. In our latest YouTube documentary film, Digital Ego, we explore the nature of these newfound digital egos, what affect they are having on us, and how we can break free from them so we can live more fully, more authentically, and with more meaning and joy.

Useful Articles and Q & A

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Helpful Books

finding your true self - a love story

Finding Your True Self

When we don't know ourselves, we become lost. Our lives become directionless, we seek happiness but never find it to last for very long, and we become enslaved by pleasure as the only escape for our suffering. This book contains the tools to become the master of our own mind.

the way out of suffering book by todd perelmuter

The Way Out of Suffering

To everyone who has ever felt the sting of suffering. To everyone whose flickering flame of hope still dances in the wind. To everyone whose flame has gone dark, for every candle can be relit. My book, The Way Out of Suffering, is dedicated to all of you. May we all become a beacon of light to the world.

perels of wisdom book

Perels of Wisdom

Just one profound insight in the morning can completely transform our day and set us up for a spectacular year and beyond. This book is full of bite sized, easily digestible, and practical tools for living a fulfilling life. Wishing you a year full of peace, presence and progress on your path.

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