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Aloneness to Oneness

22 Life Lessons to Change the Way You See Life

Step out of the separate, small, lonely existence into the infinite, eternal oneness of the universe. Take the explorative journey to the deepest depths of who we truly are

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Based on the award-winning film that impacted the lives of over 3 million people, this book is a road map toward rediscovering the truth of our infinite nature and infinite potential.

Are you happy? Are you wake-up-and-jump-for-joy happy? On a Monday morning?

It’s easy to think we’re happy when we have our phones out, eating or drinking our favorite things, listening to a podcast or watching TV. But how long can you sit with yourself? 5 minutes? 20? Can you be happy and content after an hour? This is how we find the true measure of our inner happiness.

We think happiness is a house, spouse, kids, cars and vacations. But how many people have those things and are still unhappy? It’s not the goals that matter, it’s the process. This book shares the 22 most important life lessons Todd Perelmuter discovered on his 9-year journey around the world living with monks, gurus, shamans and tribes. It contains the secrets for maintaining true happiness and deep inner peace in an ever-increasing chaotic world.

“I am god, but so are you, and so is everyone else.”

Albert Einstein once remarked, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” If we want to truly get to the root cause of our unhappiness, we need to look deeper than any microscope and farther than any telescope has ever done. This book is that explorative journey to the deepest depths of who we truly are. The closer we look, the more the veil of separateness disappears, the illusion of duality falls away, and we can bask in the oneness of this loving universe.

In this book, Todd shares:

  1. How to experience everyday ordinary life as if you are seeing the Aurora Borealis
  2. How to disidentify with your thoughts, not give power to your thoughts, and tap into your higher wisdom as the watcher of your thoughts
  3. Why death is not the end
  4. How to discover the God/universe within
  5. How to free yourself from the mind-made prison of thoughts
  6. How to go from the false perception of separateness, division and loneliness, into oneness
  7. How to embrace the great unknown
  8. The meaning and purpose of life
  9. How not to let bad times break us and how to find peace in the inevitable messiness of life
  10. The free way to a stress-free, peaceful and happy life

Einstein also observed, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” If we wish to lift ourselves up from the mental activity that drags us down, we will not be able to do so by thinking our way out of it. We will need to fundamentally change how we see the world, how we see ourselves, and how we see our relationship to the universe around us.

This book is a blueprint for stepping out of our separate, small, lonely existence; and into the infinite, eternal oneness of the universe. Only when we live in duality does greed, jealousy, hatred, competition and comparison arise. When we become one, only love remains.

***Any questions that I have received regarding the ideas shared in the film, Aloneness to Oneness, I have tried to answer in detail in my book including:

  1. If we are ALL God, does that mean Hitler is God as well?
  2. “We’ve all been everybody, we’ll all be everybody,” does that include even child-murderers and serial killers?
  3. If we are all God and God is love, then how come I don’t feel this love for myself?
  4. It’s said in the film that death is a great equalizer, but what about all the bad people in the world that hurt other people, do they get to escape the hurt they have caused others?
  5. What more can you say on, “We have all been everybody and we will all be everybody.” What does this mean, like we will be reborn into each body and consciousness to their exact life? Or that we experience their life only consciously in the in betweens?

Discover the God Within

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