Quitting Smoking

Not a single person consciously chooses to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to kill themselves slowly and painfully. Only unconsciously and lacking in mindfulness could we pay so much for so little.

When we address the symptoms of our problems, we will only keep finding new problems that pop up like in a game of whack-a-mole. When we get to the root of our problem — who we are and why we’re making the choices we’re making — every problem disappears.

No matter what bad habits we have, no matter what bad thought patterns or impulses we are slave to, we can become free from their grip. We can become free from our minds. Our highest intentions and deepest intuitions can take back the reins. This is not just the path to quitting smoking, this is the path to freedom in every aspect of our lives.

The Secret to Resisting Temptations

Every company wants to be our next addiction. Not just alcohol and tobacco either, but tech companies and food companies too. From workaholism to social media addiction, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t addicted to at least one thing.

So why are we so easily addicted? What in our mind is being hijacked by the stronghold of addiction? Why is addiction itself become such an epidemic? And most importantly, what can do about it for ourselves, our loved ones, and humanity? In this video, I share these answers and more.

In our natural world, addictions just didn’t exist. What we craved (like the sugars in fruits), we needed to survive. Today, all of our impulses have been turned against us. Sugar has been extracted from plants. So how do live in a world where our impulses betray us? How do we survive a society where what feels good is unhealthy, and what is healthy is difficult? How can we balance happiness, pleasure, health and success?

In this video, I share how we can rise above our temptations, act in alignment with our intentions, and have a joyful life free from inner conflict.

News Addiction is Also a Type of Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms. Whether it’s the news or something more traditional like smoking, the effects are very much the same. The habits take up our time, hijack the wiring in our brains, and they cost a lot of money. But most importantly, they are avoidance devices — they help us avoid the here and now, and ourselves.

Whatever we’re feeling goes away when we give into addiction. It’s the easy out from spending quality time with ourselves. But over time, the addiction becomes a crutch that makes us miserable. With news, we skew our perception of the world to be more dangerous and scary than it really is. Most of it is negative, not useful, and forgotten about by the next day.

In this video, I talk about my own experience as a news junky, what I did about it, and how we can all consume the news more mindfully so that it brings us more peace and purpose in our lives.

Using Meditation to Gain Your Life Back

Some times we can feel like we are fully in control of our lives and that we are the masters of our destiny. Other times, we can feel like life is something that happens to us, that we are not in control, and that we have no power over the course of our life.

All too often, we can find ourselves repeating the same old patterns, feel like our life has become stagnant, or that our life is not going the way we imagined and hoped. To change everything starts with changing how we see everything. 

No matter our past, we can become conscious creators of our present and future. We can overcome our habits, we can make new choices, and we can build the life our hearts long for. This is the simple yet powerful way to do just that.

Useful Articles and Q & A

How to Get Rid of Your Bad Habits Through Meditation

Q: Dear Todd, I have many bad habits. How can I transform myself? Todd Answers: My best advice for you, as someone who used to have many addictions, is to be patient and start with the addiction that is most disruptive (it was alcohol for me). Then work your way

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How I Quit Drinking and Smoking with Meditation

Ever since I was a teenager, smoking and drinking were the perfect things to take me away from the pressure, stress, and angst of growing up in a small town with not much else to do. Only years later would I discover how to quit drinking and smoking with meditation.

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A Page From My Personal Diary

A Page From My Personal Diary

Hello beautiful soul, It took me 10 years of not drinking alcohol to finally realize that during my 10 years of drinking I was without a doubt a total alcoholic. I didn’t think I was. But one day it dawned on me, when alcohol touches my lips, I will drink

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Is Smoking Addiction Because Of Oral Fixation?

Is Smoking Addiction Because Of Oral Fixation?

Q: Dear Todd, Is Smoking Addiction Because Of Oral Fixation? TODD ANSWERS: If oral fixation is the problem, switching to gum would be an easy task. But, there is much more to smoking addiction than oral fixation. Oral fixation, which can have many causes, is always exacerbated by smoking. Smoking

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How to Control Your Bad Habits (The Spiritual Solution)

How to Control Your Bad Habits (The Spiritual Solution)

Getting Rid of Your Unhealthy Topics When we turn our attention inward, insights, ideas, wisdom and understanding arise. We allow space for ideas to enter. We also become experts in how our mind works. We no longer fall for the trap of neurosis because we are highly aware of its

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Others' bad habits disturb your inner peace

What if Others’ Bad Habits Disturb Your Inner Peace

Q: Dear Todd, I view smoking and vaping as negative habits and don’t want to be around people who do that, and don’t want to view them positively. I find these habits trigger me and make me pull away. Any suggestions? Todd Answers: That is very understandable. It’s always difficult

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Helpful Books

finding your true self - a love story

Finding Your True Self

If we don’t understand who we truly are at the deepest level, we won’t understand what makes us truly happy and fulfilled. In Finding Your True Self: A Love Story, reconnect with the life force inside you, rediscover your infinite power, and awaken to this one precious, magical and miraculous life.

Digital ego book todd perelmuter

Digital Ego

In the book, Digital Ego: Undoing the Damage of the Digital Age, explore the nature of our newfound digital egos, what affect they are having on us, and how we can break free from our digital ego so we can live more fully, more authentically, and with more meaning and joy.

how to release stress through meditation book

How to Release Stress Through Meditation (Audiobook)

Don’t just reduce or manage your stress. Release it completely, and transform the way you view stressful situations so that you stop creating new stress in your mind and body once and for all. Learn how meditation can help you eliminate stress, how to get started, and how you can apply it to your daily life.

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