Digital ego book

Digital Ego

Undoing the Damage of the Digital Age

Mental Health for digitally disturbed species. Become mindful of how to use technology so it doesn’t use you.

Kindle And Paperback Available

For millennia, humans have mistakenly believed they were their egos — that little voice in our head. And for millennia, we suffered whenever our ego didn’t feel important enough. Today, we’ve created a new mistaken identity for ourselves to which we’ve become attached. So now, we have our ego and our DIGITAL EGO. We’ve become a species with split personality disorder, which is a very chaotic and disturbing mental state to be in.

Just as our ego seeks out materialism, our digital ego chases after digital materialism. Now instead of craving clothes and cars, we’re craving likes and follows. Instead of real friends, we want Facebook friends. And instead of talking with people, we argue with strangers.

Any kind of hyper-stimulating digital technology shortens our attention span and diminishes our appreciation for what is happening around us.

When we have less appreciation, the entire quality of our life changes. We go from peacefully enjoying the moment, to thinking, “When will this be over? What’s next?”

Life won’t always be as exciting as what’s on our screens. Sometimes it’ll be thrilling and sometimes life will be waiting in line at the bank. Both are parts of life.

We can either try to escape life, or we can embrace it. But those escapes, those artificial worlds, will never be as good as the real thing because escaping is stressful and exhausting.

"Just like the body is constantly eliminating toxins, the mind needs to as well. We need to give it time to rest, reflect, and find peace in the present moment. "

In the Digital Ego book, you will learn:

  1. What the digital ego is and how to dissolve it
  2. How to use social media mindfully
  3. How to take a digital detox to reset your brain’s happiness chemicals
  4. How to increase the quality of your life experiences
  5. How to make peace with the present moment
  6. How to become the liver of life and not just a consumer of life
  7. How to break free from the endless pursuit of likes and followers
  8. How to stop comparing yourself to influencers with a ‘perfect’ life on social media
  9. How to release accumulated stress from social media distraction
  10. How to live authentically in a world of filters, bots, frauds and phonies

We all deserve to break free from the chains these screens have on us. Loneliness is a universal pandemic but people are seeking solace in their soulless devices. With this book, we will have the tools to consciously create a new path forward, one that will return these powerful devices to the productive tools they can be, instead of just becoming the modern day cigarette.