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When humans first started to farm crops, the human ego also started to crop up. Because we needed to plan for future harvests, we stopped being present and started living in time. We needed to track the days and the seasons, but we lost sight of the present moment. Cities began to grow, but so did our egos. These imaginary egos began to puff out their chests, and competition became the name of the game. We started to live more and more in our heads and less and less in the real world.

Not long after, we invented a new thing called war and it seemed to really catch on. We cut down beautiful forests in exchange for shiny metal, and this made our egos feel very very good… for a short time. But soon that pride wore off, revealing an emptiness underneath. And so our egos were never satisfied, always forcing us to do more, achieve more, and consume more.

For millennia, spiritual teachers taught us how to free ourselves from the ego. Monasteries and ashrams flourished as their sacred respite became increasingly needed. But, over the last 15 years there has been a seismic shift in the psyche of our civilization. Today, instead of living in our head, we’re living online. Instead of shedding that egoic false identity, we are creating online personas and avatars. We have split the ego in two, creating an extra obstacle towards discovering our true self.

This spiritual documentary film, Digital Ego, explores the nature of these newfound digital egos, what affect they are having on us, and how we can break free from them so we can live more fully, more authentically, and with more meaning and joy.

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You may have heard of the ego — that voice in our head that we think is us. But you might not be aware of the Digital Ego. Ever since the rise of social media and smartphones, human beings have been living digital lives with digital personas, and this gave birth to the digital ego.

Just as our ego seeks out materialism, our digital ego chases after digital materialism. Now instead of craving clothes and cars, we’re craving likes and follows. Instead of real friends, we want Facebook friends. And instead of talking with people, we argue with strangers.

This film, Digital Ego, explores how the rise of the digital ego correlates with the rise of anxiety, ADHD, depression and even suicide. It looks at how these technologies hook us, the dangers they pose, and how we can break free from the screens so we can invite more peace, love and joy into our lives. 

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