How to Release Stress Through Meditation

Don’t just reduce or manage your stress. Release it completely and transform the way you view stressful situations so that you stop creating new stress in your mind and body once and for all. 

In this audiobook by Todd Perelmuter, you’ll learn:

  1. How to eliminate the root cause of stress
  2. The wrong ways to deal with stress and how to deal with it more effectively
  3. How exercise, talking to a friend, screaming at a pillow, and going to a shooting range measure up for lowering stress
  4. Why and how meditation helps with stress release
  5. The best tips I learned from my spiritual travels that helped me lower my own stress
how to release stress through meditation book

"Your feelings are yours. No one else has access to them. No one else can hurt your feelings unless you let them."

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Stress is one of the most important issues of our time. It is the cause of nearly all suffering in our modern age. Scientists are just now discovering that up to 90% of all doctor-related visits are stress-related. And since stress is not often recognized as the main cause of most conditions, that number could be as high as 99%.

Chronic stress impacts every aspect of our life, from our mental health to our physical health. It weakens our immune system causing us to get sick more frequently, and delays our healing. It creates tension in our body, which leads to stiffness, pain and injury.

Stress affects our lifestyle choices too. It causes us to drink more, smoke, have poor sleep, overeat and move too little. With stress we become short with our loved ones and seek out any form of escape for relief.

We all need healthy ways to not just manage stress, but to release it altogether.