grief and spiritual healing book

Grief And Spiritual Healing

Surviving Life After Loss

We never forget our loved ones. But we can move forward in a new way that keeps their memory alive, honors them, and recognizes that nothing can ever truly be lost.

Kindle and Paperback Available

Grief. No matter how strong we are, no one is truly prepared for it. When we least expect it, grief rips the floor out from under us. There is truly no greater catastrophe in life, and yet it is something nearly all of us will go through. It is our own personal war that will eventually take everyone we know and love.

While grief may seem like an unthinkable tragedy that no one can relate to, many have gone down this path before us. Our ancestors found great wisdom in grief. Ancient cultures and tribes from around the world have found comfort in the unimaginable, peace in the chaos, and light amidst the darkness.

In Grief and Spiritual Healing, Todd shares his own journey through grief. He shares how he made it through, the practices that have been passed down for millennia that can guide us in these uncertain times, and how our lives can become monuments to those we lost.

We never get over loss. We never forget our loved ones. But we can move forward in a new way, one that keeps their memory alive, that honors our loved ones, and that recognizes nothing can ever truly be lost.

"The miracle of death is the miracle of life. There is no life without death."

In this book, Todd share:

  1. How to Fight the Grief Monster
  2. How to Be Okay With Feeling Not Okay
  3. How to Fight Regrets That Come With Loss
  4. How to Not Be Afraid of Life After Loss
  5. How to Deal With the Loss of Faith That Comes With Death
  6. How to Deal With the Loneliness That Comes From Loss
  7. How to Overcome the Meaninglessness That Accompanies Loss
  8. How to Face the Impermanence of Life
  9. How to Come Out of Darkness and Into the Light
  10. How to Give Yourself Spiritual Therapy

Hope this book will bring you and your loved ones some comfort and peace in these difficult times.