The Miracle of Death | A Spiritual Film to Change Your Life FOREVER

Fear of death is a remarkable evolutionary advantage. Without it, our species wouldn’t have fought so hard to survive such challenging times. That fear is an incredible drive for us to keep on living. And that’s what this YouTube film is all about.

The dead don’t mourn. It’s us the living that must cope and find a way to move forward. The more we understand loss, the easier it is to survive it. Hope this film brings some understanding and comfort as we confront our impermanent nature. May we all learn to see the beautiful healing nature of loss and grief, and may that teach us how to live more fully during our brief and precious time on this planet.

Year of Release: 2023

Length of the Film: 17 minutes

the miracle of death

Nothing is Ever Gone

We will all take that final journey. Everyone we know and love will too. And yet it is the most feared and misunderstood adventure we will ever embark upon. It’s something that touches us all, yet we are never prepared for it. That’s why it is important that we have the tools and skills to get through those darkest of times.

It’s is a film on the beauty of grief and the miracle of death. This film is for everyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, for those who may be confronted with illness and mortality, and for everyone who’s wondered what’s next, where we’re going, and ultimately, why we’re here.

The Miracle of Death is a film for all those who are going through a hard time in their lives because of the loss of someone close to them and they want to know how they can let go, move on, or find some peace in their difficult situation. Such times bring feelings of meaninglessness, doubt, a crisis in faith, and a sense of unfairness in our lives. Hope this film will provide some comfort, healing and peace.

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