Returning to Oneness | Spiritual Documentary Film on Non-duality

Year of Release: 2024

Length of the Film: 27 minutes

We are all one. Deep down we know we are all one. And yet, when we look around we fall for this very elaborate illusion of duality and separateness. We feel the interconnectedness of everything, we sense there is something much deeper going on beneath the surface, and yet our eyes deceive us by keeping us entranced in this ego-centric world of competition, comparison and division.

In Returning to Oneness, step out of the world you thought you knew and into the infinite oneness that is who you truly are. Travel beyond the mind, leave your worries and problems behind, and discover your limitless potential that lies on the other side.

We are not frail, isolated individuals in a scary world. We are the manifestations of a loving universe. Only by opening our eyes to this truth can we return to oneness.

Returning to Oneness

We Are All One

We came from oneness, we live in oneness, and we will return to oneness. And yet during this brief period of life under the illusion of separateness and duality, we have forgotten this higher truth.

We have become disconnected from the interconnected reality of nature. From the narrow consciousness of separatism has emerged loneliness, competition, division, greed, jealousy, violence and hate. When we rediscover the oneness that all life has always known, only love remains.

We must raise our consciousness individually and collectively if human civilization is going to survive. Heaven is real, it’s right here, and it’s right now. It starts in our hearts and it spills forth from there.

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