Say Goodnight to Restless Leg Syndrome with Meditation

For anyone who has restless legs, this book can bring you some calm, relaxing, restful energy. Learn what’s behind restless leg syndrome, how meditation and mindfulness can help, and enjoy 3 free guided meditations specifically designed for restless leg syndrome. No matter what caused your restless legs, the techniques here can help bring some relief and comfort.

Say Goodbye to Restless Leg Syndrome

"There are many things that are relaxing. But there is only one thing on earth that trains the mind to be more relaxed - meditation."

Humans don’t actually have restless legs, we have restless minds. If you’ve been struggling with restless leg syndrome, this audiobook, on the topic, along with guided meditations, is for you.

The book covers the following topics:

1. How the disconnect between our mind and body can lead to restless leg syndrome.

2. How to have total control over our mind and body, and be able to calm them at will.

3. What the best remedy for restless leg syndrome is.

4. How to use meditation and mindfulness for restless leg syndrome.

5. What to do if meditation creates restless leg syndrome or makes it worse.

6. Guided meditations specifically designed for relieving restless leg syndrome.

7. A guided office meditation for restless leg syndrome that you can do at your workplace.

If you have been unable to find relief for those unruly legs, give going to the root of the cause a try.

Say Goodnight to Restless Leg Syndrome with Meditation

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