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Congratulations, you are about to embark on a new chapter of the most important journey of your life: the journey within. May insights, wisdom and inspiration abound. As you read or listen, start to allow for spaciousness to flow into your life — space between words and thoughts, space to reflect, and space to be.

**If you have downloaded a meditation, make sure to do it everyday consistently to see the results. 

Digital ego book todd perelmuter
the way out of suffering book by todd perelmuter
finding your true self - a love story
perels of wisdom book

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No journey needs a roadmap, but every journey will go a lot smoother if it has one. In my books, I am able to go into depth about various points along the spiritual journey. May these books, ebooks and audiobooks help you along the way, and I hope our paths cross someday on the path to peace.

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