The Art of Gratitude | An Uplifting Short Spiritual Film

Year of Release: 2024

Length of the Film: 15 minutes

We live in a world of bests. Everyone is on an endless search for the best house, best car, best spouse, best kids, best job, best city, and best vacation. Our entire lives have become taken over by comparison and competition to the point where we can no longer see or appreciate the miracles all around us. Great is no longer good enough, it’s got to be the best. Beauty no longer matters unless it’s very expensive and exclusive.

While having dreams and working towards them is what makes us human, this endless quest for peak experiences diminishes the wonder and joy we can feel between those peaks. And it makes us miss out on the beauty all around us. Just because we are surrounded by infinite miracles at all times, doesn’t make them any less special.

The Art of Gratitude film takes viewers on a journey back to the natural gratitude we all have inside us. Instead of taking everything for granted, this film shows us a new way of seeing, and being in, this perfect, magical universe. Gratitude is the most important human emotion because it alone determines the quality of our life. This film is a roadmap back to our grateful hearts.

Rich or poor, we all have this precious gift of life. Only by changing our mindset can we lifts ourselves up through the hard times so we can make the most of our brief time on this beautiful green rock. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder of how precious this life truly is.

the art of gratitude

You Already Have Everything

Gratitude — our often ignored and neglected but most important emotion. When we have everything, we take it all for granted. When we have nothing, our friend Gratitude is nowhere to be found.

I can relate. A few years ago, I had everything: a beautiful apartment with a balcony and pool and gym, the convertible I always wanted, and comfortable savings. Then in one year, a very close relative I trusted swindled me out of my savings, my car was totalled by a speeder who was declared not at fault, and my downstairs neighbor burned my house down, which was between insurance policies at the time.

The next few years (that were supposed to be the best years) were years of rebuilding. But, thank God I had spent the previous 9 years meditating and living with gurus, shamans and monks. Because gratitude was there for me.

Sure, each time catastrophe hit, I felt the panic rise up in me. I felt the anger and rage, disappointment and stress. But by this time, gratitude had become a stronger muscle in my mind. Each time I got down, gratitude picked me back up. I am alive! No one was hurt too badly. I have my brain, my body, and my awareness. Because gratitude and presence became my habit, I was able to pull myself up.

It’s a cliche, but it’s TRUE, that year of loss was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Instead of slowly walking towards my future, this crisis remotivated me, refocused my efforts, reminded me what really matters, and lit a fire under me to help me sprint towards a brighter future than I ever thought possible.

Because I know just how powerful gratitude is, and I know everyone will face loss in their lives, I will be releasing a new film on gratitude next week. No one should have to go through loss without the tools to get through it. I hope my film reminds us all of the blessings and beauty all around us.

In every moment, there are infinite miracles to be thankful for. Let’s come together to celebrate all of the things we’re grateful for, and rediscover the transformative and healing power of gratitude in this film.

I answer many questions in this film that I’ve received about gratitude, such as:

  1. How can I be grateful when my life sucks?
  2. Will being grateful make me less ambitious, poor, or content with little as I am grateful for earning little, so I don’t have to work more?
  3. A lot of people just don’t have a lot to be grateful for and they should be pressing for change instead, and not expressing gratitude. Isn’t it?
  4. Is it going to lead to toxic positivity because instead of admitting that our life is horrible at the moment and facing it, we are being grateful?
  5. Some of us are grateful for just getting a meal while others are grateful for their international trips. How to make peace with this?
  6. How can we use gratitude to overcome negative emotions and improve our quality of life?
  7. How can we practice gratitude everyday? And train our brain to be more grateful?

The world needs more gratitude, so don’t forget to share this with someone who could use some. Thank you for reading this, sharing my work, clicking the like/heart/save button, and for supporting me and each other. You make all of this work possible. The world is changing. Thank you thank you thank you.

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