the way out of suffering book by todd perelmuter

The Way Out of Suffering

Reaching Your Ultimate Potential

Step out of the mental prison of negative thoughts. Let go of things that weigh you down and don’t serve you.

Kindle And Paperback Available

Are you carrying on your shoulders the baggage of guilt, shame, regrets, grudges, resentments, past mistakes, failures or trauma? Are you unable to let go of the past or your worries about the future? Are the stress and pressure you put on yourself weighing you down? Are you chasing after a happy life but still haven’t found it yet?

The book, The Way Out of Suffering, will help you put that baggage down, let go of the past, and move forward in this perfect and peaceful present moment.

The Buddha declared in his Four Noble Truths that life is suffering, but there is a way out of the suffering that plagues the lives of so many in our modern civilization. In the spiritual sense, suffering doesn’t mean the kind of immense pain that comes from life’s most tragic events, like illness and death. It actually means the lack of true and lasting happiness that comes from within.

When we look closely, we see that all suffering stems from our craving and attachment to impermanent things and experiences. We are always wanting things we don’t have, or wishing the things we do have would change.

The Way Out of Suffering lays out the path for how we can free ourselves from our attachment to temporary things, situations and experiences; how we can enjoy without craving; love without clinging; and feel that deep, centered peace which has no opposite and needs no external fleeting pleasure to sustain it.

"Instead of trying to have a good life, we must realize that life is good. "

In the book, The Way Out of Suffering, author Todd Perelmuter provides a way out of our common suffering by showing:

  1. How to let go, not just on a conscious level, but on a deep unconscious and subconscious level as well
  2. How to let go of the mind-made sense of identity
  3. How to flow through life without resisting
  4. How to make peace with chaos
  5. How to find inner peace and stillness when you feel overwhelmed
    How to act consciously instead of react unconsciously
  6. Why it is not beneficial to suppress thoughts, and what to do instead
  7. How to heal your inner child and forgive yourself
  8. How to heal from the continuous bombardment of bad news, difficulties and stress
  9. How to take back control from your jealous ego
  10. How to fix the disconnect between what is and what should be
  11. How to love your faults and not let anyone damage your self-worth
  12. How to process and let go of painful memories
  13. How to use meditation to solve life’s problems
  14. How to find permanent, lasting, and unshakable happiness that won’t just cause a dopamine spike followed by a crash.
  15. How to reconnect with your true nature in the here and now.

People are suffering because their painful past keeps haunting them, or because they are trying so hard to succeed in life but don’t feel like they’re getting anywhere. Letting go of painful thoughts and emotions is just too difficult. But suffering doesn’t have to be the end of your story. This book shares how you can rewrite your future and free yourself from the past.

The wisdom and knowledge in this book are very simple, easy-to-implement, and practical so that it can help anyone in need, even those who are new to the journey of finding peace within. Available in Kindle and paperback.