You Are This Moment | Life-Transforming Spiritual Documentary Film

Year of Release: 2023

Length of the Film: 31 minutes

Carrying all of life on our shoulders is too much to bear for any of us. But each of us can rise to meet this moment, right here, right now. With each inhale, we can welcome each new moment. With each exhale, we can let it go.

At times, our lives can feel dark and chaotic. It can feel like nothing goes right and that we are cursed. But the dark times are nothing more than little dots peppered onto the vast timeline of our lives. The dots don’t take up much space, but they can cast large shadows. The deeper we can live each moment, the more joy and peace we can invite into our lives.

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter what will happen tomorrow. We are not our mistakes, nor are we our successes. We are this one, eternal, priceless moment. The more we take care of this moment with mindful awareness, the more we tend to it with care and love, the more our lives can blossom.

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You are this moment

***Don’t Just Watch This Movie, Watch Yourself Watching This Movie***

Director’s Note

Every conversation with Todd is filled with wisdom, life lessons, and humor. You can’t talk to him and not learn something in that time. This is how this movie started as well. One day just normally talking to him, I realized how much that conversation had a calming effect on me and I thought: who couldn’t use that kind of effect in their stressful, fast-paced life? So, I decided to turn my interactions with Todd into a film so everyone can become a little happier and calmer.

In 2014, Todd quit his job as a creative director.
He gave away all his belongings and traveled the world in search of meaning and wisdom.
This film is a collection of answers he found.

Step out of the past and future and step into this one, eternal, magnificently precious present moment. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter. What will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess. What we do with this moment determines the quality of our lives.

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