How to Heal from Trauma

Trauma is something we have all faced to some degree in our lives. You don’t have to have been in war or physically hurt either. Whether it’s a mean kid in school, an unfair teacher, parents divorcing, or even changing cities as a child, all of these experiences have the potential to negatively shape how we see the world and stay with us for the rest of our lives.

So how can we get to the root of our trauma? How can we heal and move on? How can we stop the automatic stress response that occurs when our past trauma is triggered? These are the questions I answer in this video in the hopes that it can give you some powerful tools in your spiritual tool belt to help you overcome trauma or PTSD.

Healing From Trauma

The body is a miraculous system of self-healing. But, it is also extremely good at self-preservation too. Sometimes, those two mechanisms can create inner conflict. On one hand, we want to move forward from a traumatic incident. On the other hand, our body is trying to protect us from danger. In order to end this conflict, we need to allow ourselves the time and space to heal completely. If we forgive only 99%, we can still be triggered. If we let go almost completely, then we are still holding onto our trauma.

In tt]his video, I share how we can truly heal from trauma, unlearn those trigger responses, and even how we can use our trauma and triggers as fuel for growth, change, and developing more wisdom and understanding.

No matter what we are suffering from, it tends to stem from us being stuck to a mental story about that thing that happened.

Usually, the thing itself is long over, but we are unable to let go of the past. The past then shapes our present and can dictate our future as well.

So how do we heal from trauma? How do we learn to trust and love again? How do we become fully present so that we can create a new future instead of just repeating cycles from the past? I answer these questions and more in my latest YouTube video.

Stop Blaming Yourself

One thing that almost all abusers do is, they make their victims feel like the abuse they endured was their fault. This doesn’t just have to be physical abuse either. We can be abused verbally, emotionally, psychological, sexually, intellectually or even spiritually. Abuse can come from a partner, or it can be from a coworker or stranger. But the truth is, not one single person on earth deserves to be abused. Some people, like criminals, may need to be removed from society so they can no longer be a danger to themselves or others. But no one deserves violence, manipulation, cruelty or deception. Especially you. In this YouTube video, I talk about how abuse lives on in our minds and bodies long after the incident. I discuss how we can heal our inner wounds, how we can move forward, learn to trust others again, how we can protect ourselves in the future, and how we can even forgive our abusers so that we no longer carry hate around with is. Remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean going back to live with your abuser. It means no longer letting your abuser live inside of you.

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Helpful Books

finding your true self - a love story

Finding Your True Self

When we don't know ourselves, we become lost. Our lives become directionless, we seek happiness but never find it to last for very long, and we become enslaved by pleasure as the only escape for our suffering. This book contains the tools to become the master of our own mind.

the way out of suffering book by todd perelmuter

The Way Out of Suffering

To everyone who has ever felt the sting of suffering. To everyone whose flickering flame of hope still dances in the wind. To everyone whose flame has gone dark, for every candle can be relit. My book, The Way Out of Suffering, is dedicated to all of you. May we all become a beacon of light to the world.

Death, Life and Oneness by Todd Perelmuter

Death, Life and Oneness

In Death, Life and Oneness: Spiritual Wisdom from the #Gita, we go on a journey to conquer our fear of death, find the courage to face life head on, and bask in the #oneness of our universe. It’s ancient healing wisdom for our modern chaotic times.

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