Path to Peace How to Stop Judging Yourself and Others

We’ve all got these judgmental, opinionated, critical voices in our head — relics from a time where humans lived in the wild and in constant physical danger. Today, we live in relative safety, but whether we’re at the office, in traffic, or a line at the supermarket, our bodies are in an almost constant state of stress.

This subtle constant stress puts our judgmental mind into overdrive. Instead of judging whether footprints are from a tiger or a harmless cat, we judge whether other people are threats or not.

So how do we maintain our discernment without being overly critical and negative? How do we keep safe while being more open and positive? Is it even possible to put our guards down without putting ourselves in danger? And why do we have these misery-generating tendencies in our mind in the first place?! I answer these questions and more in today’s podcast.

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