Path to Peace Feeling Inadequate and Worthless? Here’s the SOLUTION

If supermodels are insecure, if billionaires feel like failures, and if the world’s greatest artists feel like imposters, how the heck are the rest of us supposed to feel worthy and good enough?!

The truth is, value doesn’t come from others’ praise, worth doesn’t come from wealth, and contentment doesn’t come from achievement. If we only care about superficial things like money and looks, our lives will lack what truly matters. The more we value love, kindness and generosity, the more we can actually appreciate the blessings we have and the ones yet to come.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about what to do when those feelings of inadequacy arise, why we have those feelings, and how to rediscover our infinite potential and worth.

When we tap into the source of bliss within us, we need no praise, no self-worth, not even self-esteem because this bliss lies beyond the illusory separate sense of self — the state of oneness.

To be alive on Earth as a human in 2023 is a freakin’ miracle. You’re literally a miracle. Never forget it.

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