How to Control Anger

How is it that a slow-driving elderly person in the car in front of us can turn some very respectable, sane and compassionate people into raving lunatics? What is it about spilling a glass of milk that can make even a grownup lose their mind? Every single one of us has a little spark of rage inside us at all times. If that spark gets fanned and fueled just right, it can blow up into a wildfire. If we let our little frustrations build up like kindling, and then we throw in a match lit by a barista that got our order wrong and we’re already late for work, look out.

In this video, I discuss why we get angry, how to see it coming, and how we can nip it in the bud. The more we understand anger, the more wise we become to its sneaky tricks. By understanding these basic principles and by practicing the brief guided meditation at the end of the video, we can all discover a life of boundless peace and joy.

When Anger Takes Control of You

We all get angry from time to time. Even if we don’t act out in rage and lose our temper, feelings of anger can arise. When others do things we perceive as “against” us, when our ego is hurt, when our pride is damaged, we often respond in that unconscious reaction of anger. Our inner peace is disturbed, our heart rate increases, our blood pressure goes up, we clench our fists and our body tenses up.

Here is the key to not only quickly calming our body and mind back down, but also how to prevent that unconscious anger reaction from happening in the first place. It’s so important that we recognize and even take responsibility for the kind of energy we carry with us, because we can hurt others without even meaning to. One thing we all know for certain is, uncontrolled anger has never made a situation better. It always makes them worse. So be sure to try out this simple technique next the time you start to feel angry.

Useful Articles and Q & A

Shall We Express Our Anger Instead of Suppressing it?

Repressed emotions are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, cause of physical pain and illness in our society. For example, over 90% of all doctor visits are stress-related. This is because we are not releasing our stress in healthy ways. Nothing about spirituality should imply we need to

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calm yourself when anger takes control

Anger Management Tips: Learn to Calm Yourself

3 Tips for Anger Management To work on oneself, to admit our flaws, to face them head on and to overcome them takes the greatest courage there is. We only yell out and act out in rage because we have lost ourselves and our composure. Because we fail to know

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How to Respond to People Who Hurt Us

How to Respond to People Who Hurt Us

Q: Dear Todd, shouldn’t we respond with our true feelings to people who hurt us and not with love and kindness? TODD ANSWERS: Someone recently asked me this question about how to respond to people who hurt us. I get it, believe me. Our first (unconscious) instinctual reaction is to

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Fighting Hatred with Love The Dalai Lama is a man who saw his own country violently conquered. It would be all too easy to become bitter. But instead, he forgives and loves. He puts all of our measly everyday squabbles to shame. If he can find compassion for his invaders,

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how to be less angry

How Can I Be Less Angry?

Whenever you feel most down, most conflicted, most angry, most hurt or most upset, do this one simple thing: Ask yourself, “Where is the lesson?” You cannot be both upset and curious at the same time. Curiosity, intellectual exploration, and reflection cannot coexist with anger and rage. The simple act

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How Can Ukrainians Respond With Love to Their Enemies?

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How to Handle Emotional Outbursts

Path to Peace How to Handle Emotional Outbursts

We will all feel all of the human emotions throughout our lives. That’s part of life. But when we let ourselves get swept away by those emotions, then we can act unmindfully and in ways that can hurt our reputation and relationships. When our emotions carry us away, we lose

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Helpful Books

Death, Life and Oneness by Todd Perelmuter

Death, Life and Oneness

See the Gita through the lens of modernity. We can see its myriad of lessons through practical applications to the common struggles we face today.

the way out of suffering book by todd perelmuter

The Way Out of Suffering

Learn how we can enjoy without craving, love without clinging, and feel that deep centered peace which has no opposite and needs no external fleeting pleasure to sustain it.

perels of wisdom book

Perels of Wisdom

This book makes timeless wisdom simple, direct, easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to implement so we can all create a life filled with peace, love and joy.

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