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Shall We Express Our Anger Instead of Suppressing it?

Q: I think one must express their anger instead of suppressing it. Because suppressed anger leads to hatred which in turn leads to resentment and sorrow. And finally depression. Any thoughts?

express anger or suppress anger

Todd Answers: Repressed emotions are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, cause of physical pain and illness in our society. For example, over 90% of all doctor visits are stress related. This is because we are not releasing our stress in healthy ways.

Nothing in mindfulness should be simply “look the other way,” “stuff down your emotions,” or “pretend like it’s not there.” Mindfulness is truly about becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions, giving ourselves the time to process them, inspect them, and heal from them.

Letting go and bringing mindfulness to our emotions may look like suppression, but in reality, they are about overcoming the fear of these dark places, going into them head-on, and discovering for yourself that they don’t serve you, that you don’t need those negative emotions, and when you are ready to move on, you let them go gently and without any anger or judgment.

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