How to Get Rid of Your Bad Habits Through Meditation

Q: Dear Todd, I have many bad habits. How can I transform myself?

Todd Answers: My best advice for you, as someone who used to have many addictions, is to be patient and start with the addiction that is most disruptive (it was alcohol for me). Then work your way down from there one at a time. Trying all at once can often be impossible. If you fail, keep trying and never give up. Failure always comes with lessons to help us succeed next time. Perhaps you have failed many times. That is ok. You are probably very wise at quitting now!

Do your best to create a daily meditation practice and try your best to never miss a day. The discipline you achieve in your meditation practice will translate into a discipline in every aspect of your life.

Become Conscious Creators of Your Present and Future

Sometimes we can feel like we are fully in control of our lives and that we are the masters of our destiny. Other times, we can feel like life is something that happens to us, that we are not in control, and that we have no power over the course of our life. All too often, we can find ourselves repeating the same old patterns, feel like our life has become stagnant, or that our life is not going the way we imagined and hoped.

To change everything starts with changing how we see everything. This is the key to stop seeing ourselves as victims and start seeing ourselves as the masters of our lives. Science has shown that people with a victim mindset are more likely to be victimized. This is because we carry a body language and energy that projects that victim mindset.

No matter our past, we can become conscious creators of our present and future. We can overcome our habits, we can make new choices, and we can build the life our hearts long for. This is the simple yet powerful way to do just that.

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